Pocah surprises and reveals that she has a disease that causes excessive sleep

After becoming one of the highlights of BBB21, on TV Globo, for sleeping too much inside the reality show, Pocah he used his social networks last Saturday(28) to reveal that he has narcolepsy, a disease that causes excessive sleep.

Through a Twitter post, the singer who is engaged to the businessman Ronan Souza, said he learned of the diagnosis recently, after testing with a neurologist.

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“Have you ever heard of narcolepsy? It’s a sleep disorder. So it is! I found that I do. I’m dealing with this and some other things like ADHD and anxiety”, she began.

And he continued: “Sorry I’m not as active here as before and not posting so often on the networks. My priority now is taking care of myself. So that as soon as possible I can resume my ‘normal’ life. I thought it was important to share this with you”, he wrote.

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