President of Ceará says decision for Guto Ferreira’s departure ‘wasn’t easy’ and ‘not premeditated’ – Play

Ceará decided for the technician to leave Guto Ferreira this Sunday night (30) after the defeat for America-MG. Like any change in field command, the fact moves social networks and generates speculation about motivations and new names.

The report from Diário do Nordeste heard the president alvinegro, Robinson de Castro, about change. The manager recognized the club’s good position in the competition table (8th place), but listed some of the motivations for the decision.

President of Ceará, Robinson de Castro

Thiago Gadelha

poor performance

The number 1 factor for the change of technical command was the unusual oscillation of the team. “Performance of the team itself, which wasn’t getting an evolution response. It fluctuates from one time to another. We needed to refresh. It’s not an easy decision, anyway, the position in the table is good, but there’s no regularity . Team increasingly predictable,” he explained.

Bad presentation in Belo Horizonte

Fabrício Daniel scored both goals for América-MG in the match

Disclosure / America-MG

The game against América-MG, by itself, also had a relevant weight in the decision. It was a match that the leadership of Alvinegra considered very negative and that ended with the change in the technical command.

“It wasn’t a premeditated exit. Yesterday’s game was one of the worst. It doesn’t fit with the cast, with Guto’s work. The cycle is over,” explained Robinson.

change to shake

Asked about the demands of the cast, Robinson said they have always existed and happen all the time. However, he believes that a new name will be able to reactivate the cast for a better performance.

“There are always demands, a new coach will come up with other ideas, other ways of managing the group, choices, expectations. A new name in itself is important.”

Stay tuned for the Diário do Nordeste. Throughout the day, more exclusive information about the change of technical command in Ceará

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