Proposal of R$ 24.5 million per Diniz’s titleholder should reach Rueda’s table soon; fish play hard

Santos is not living a good moment in the season and the pressure on top of the work of Fernando Diniz it’s too big. The commander’s press conference after the rout suffered against Flamengo didn’t help either and many fans insistently ask for the coach’s resignation in this second half.

On the other hand, the president Andres Rueda remain calm at this point and will not make any drastic decisions due to the pressure coming from outside the club. The president understands that the work of the technical committee really needs to improve, but Diniz has not yet had all the reinforcements available to have a better assessment of this.

At the other end, the Shakhtar Donetsk decided to invest in hiring the midfielder Gabriel Pirani in the next transfer window. The 19-year-old has won the title in recent games, has stood out and, thus, draws the attention of Europeans.

Ukrainians think that an offer of up to 4 million euros (BRL 24.5 million) can advance the negotiations with Santos. The European club will continue to monitor the jewel and hope it will evolve further on the field. Calm and happy in Vila Belmiro, Pirani just wants to focus on the four lines and leaves all this market movement to his entrepreneurs.

Santos, in turn, knows all the greed that the midfielder is receiving and intends play hardball if an offer is actually made official. Despite still wavering, the boy is treated like a gem and has what it takes to become a great player very soon.

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