Proposal of R$ 300 thousand per season to hire Varanda arrives at Duílio’s table; Timon manifests

Rodrigo Varanda awoke the interest in the soccer of Velha Bota. According to the Meu Timão portal, Torino, from Italy, presented an offer for the young striker, with the intention of a loan for the 2021/22 and 2022/2023 seasons. The Italian team placed a variety of mold options for the transaction.

However, Alvinegro de Parque São Jorge refused the player’s transfer. The offer included a financial compensation of 50 thousand euros (about R$ 300 thousand) for each year that Varanda operates in the aforementioned seasons. In the scope of the document presented to Timão, two purchase options could be considered: 1.8 million euros (about R$ 11 million), if purchased at the end of the first season. The other alternative would be 2.5 million euros (R$ 15 million) at the conclusion of the second season.

A clause on the performance and use of the Varanda was also inserted to benefit Timão. If the striker played a minimum of 10 games in each of the seasons stipulated in the loan, and in such games Varanda played the quota of 45 minutes, 1.8 million euros (R$ 11 million) would be paid.

Rodrigo Varanda’s interest in football doesn’t stop in Italy. The Meu Timão portal also points out that a club from Dubai and a team from the North American League also sounded out the athlete’s situation and made their proposals. However, the offers are different, as the Arab club has the intention of an immediate transfer and the Americans are interested in having the player at the end of the year.