Rayssa Leal and Letícia Bufoni’s friendship trajectory

This Saturday (28), Rayssa Leal won the first stage of the World Skate Street League (SLS) with a historic feat: the 13-year-old athlete took the highest score in history for a maneuver already conquered by a woman (8.5 ). Who was on the track to support their compatriot and won the “fairy’s” first hug after the performance? Also champion Letícia Bufoni (28).

Anyone who follows Rayssa’s career knows that their friendship is not new; when Maranhão was only 7 years old and a video of her dressed as a fairy on a skateboard went viral on the internet, she revealed her life’s dream: meeting idol Letícia Bufoni.

No sooner said than done! The first meeting of the two was organized by TV Globo and yielded emotional memories for the athletes. At that time, in 2015, what none of them imagined, however, is that the fan would become Letícia’s competition colleague, who went from idol to friend.

Rayssa Leal in her fairy costume - Reproduction/Instagram - Reproduction/Instagram

Rayssa Leal with her fairy costume

Image: Reproduction/Instagram

Now, in 2021, their relationship has lasted more than 6 years and is an example of sorority and companionship. With one supporting the other, the two put it on the skating rinks around the world and show that, yes, the female union is strength. Remind milestones in this story.

The first date

Prepare the scarf! The first time that Letícia Bufoni and the “fairy” met was an explosion of tenderness. Of course, the then 7-year-old child couldn’t resist the tears and, as he hugged the skater from São Paulo, he cried with joy. Glenda Kozlowski, who was hosting the show where the two skaters met, also couldn’t hold back her emotion.

From idol to trackmate

With the support of Letícia and other female skaters, Rayssa soon became a professional athlete in the sport. In a short time, she began to participate in official competitions and draw attention not only in Brazil, but also abroad.

Letícia, who has competed outside Brazil since 2007, has always followed Rayssa’s performance closely and became her main mentor and supporter.

Became “daughter”

Over time, their relationship grew closer and Rayssa became part of Bufoni’s family—and vice versa. In this video, in which Letícia’s mother, Dona Claudete, appears applying cream on Leal’s hair, fans play with the caption of the film and say: “The grandmother taking care of her granddaughter”. Who said family is all blood?

But it’s not just on the slopes

Outside the tournaments, Fadinha and Bufoni also share moments of laughter and companionship, such as the one in the following video, in which Letícia wipes the car’s windshield while Rayssa records the scene and “jokes” her friend. “That’s it, clean it for us there,” says the man from Maranhão.

The two were in Utah, United States, where the World League of Street Skate stage takes place.

one inspires the other

Because of her performance, Rayssa Leal was one of Brazil’s representative athletes at the 2021 Olympics. She did well in Tokyo and brought the silver medal to the country. Letícia, of course, celebrated the conquest of her “tutor/daughter/friend” like no one else and made a statement about her relationship with Fadinha: “I was an inspiration for her and today she became an inspiration for me”.