RedeTV employees threaten to go on strike as of today – 08/30/2021

Cameras, video operators, producers, image editors, lawyers, human resources workers, secretaries, secretaries, maids, cleaners, security guards and even physical education teachers from RedeTV! threaten to go on strike from this Monday (30).

According to the union, all these workers are registered as broadcasters, even though a large part does not perform functions in the category.

The decision will be taken at 2 pm, at an assembly held in front of the broadcaster, under the command of the Union of Workers in Broadcasting and Television Companies in the State of São Paulo.

If the “yes” wins, employees go on strike indefinitely.

According to the union, for four years workers linked to broadcasters have not had any adjustment or allowance at the station.

To make matters worse, during eight months of last year, the company’s employees had their salaries reduced by 25% through the Federal Government’s Emergency Employment and Income Maintenance Program.

For the union, RedeTV! used the government program even with “notorious and public” demonstrations of advertising earnings over the past three years.

During this period, in addition to drawings for prizes that help maintain RedeTV!’s revenue, the station signed million-dollar contracts with Caixa Econômica Federal, Banco do Brasil, Petrobras, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, São Paulo state government and other important public institutions.

RedeTV! it also received millionaire investments from Bradesco, Itaú, Facebook, Ultrafarma, Vivo, Casas Bahia, Sky Pré-Pago, Bigtrail and Cartão de Todos. There are also “merchans” and timetables sold to neo-Pentecostal churches.

The proposal, which has already been approved by several other broadcasters, is as follows:

1 – Salary Adjustment of 18.72%, applied to the salary and other economic clauses in force in May 2017;
2- Retroactive salary bonus equivalent to 353.89% of a remuneration;
3- Maintenance of all social clauses contained in the last Collective Agreement signed – 2016/2018.

Television is a collective work. The Union of Professional Journalists in the State of São Paulo supports the category of broadcasters and joins the Union of Radio and Television Workers in the State of São Paulo in the struggle to recompose wages and conquer rights denied by the bosses of RedeTV!

So far, RedeTV! did not respond to the proposal for a Collective Agreement sent by the Union of Workers in Broadcasting and Television Companies in the State of São Paulo.

Other side

The column is trying to talk to RedeTV’s press office about it. If and when she manifests, she will have her speech included in this text.

Ricardo Feltrin at the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Ooops website