Redhead representation? Understand the controversy of Marina Ruy Barbosa

Have you heard about redhead representative? So, the unusual subject was controversial last Sunday (29) after Marina Ruy Barbosa share a video of two redheaded children looking at your photo with the following sentence: “Then they say that representation is not important“.

(Photo: Instagram/@marinaruybarbosa)

The actress’s post was actually a repost of the @familiaruiva profile on Instagram, but it didn’t stop causing controversy and quickly Marina became the target of criticism.

“Really you guys are troubling a Stories that I just reposted with child fans? Guys, for love right. So many more important things for you to worry about“, she wrote on Twitter.

Then, Marina she stated that she only replied because she saw children hugging a photo of her and reinforced that the girls’ mothers were the ones who spoke about ‘representativeness’ in the original post.

“My angel of light. If you were to find out before speaking, you would know that I just reposted. Who said something about the daughters feeling represented was the girls’ MOTHER“.

Still, it wasn’t enough for internet users and the actress’ name ended up in trending topics with tweets loaded with irony.

However, many people also came to her defense, reaffirming that Marina had not been wrong to share the post.

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