Romero terminates and video of ex-Corinthians breaking fellow leg leaks | Soccer



Last Saturday, San Lorenzo confirmed the termination of the contracts of the brothers Óscar and Ángel Romero, who had been with the club since 2019 and had a relationship until 2022. The latter had a great spell at Corinthians, where he won several titles.

Under the agreement, according to information from “TyC Sports“, the athletes will pocket U$ 1.2 million (R$ 6.25 million), referring to back wages, and are free on the market. According to an official statement, the measure was taken as a way to alleviate the payroll and comply with the financial fair play implemented by the Professional League.

The departure of the players was lamented by fans and, strangely, a video with one of the main controversies involving Ángel at San Lorenzo surfaced the day after the deal, after almost a year without any disclosure.

During training, in September last year, the former Corinthians player caused a fracture in the leg of defender Marcelo Andrés Herrera, his teammate in the Argentine team.

In the images that have now become public, it is possible to observe how Ángel runs towards Herrera and, unable to reach him, hits a violent cart, which causes an infra-syndesmal fracture of his companion’s left fibula.

The injury triggered a real internal crisis in San Lorenzo, with the Romeros in the spotlight. After what happened, Angel issued a note, published on his Twitter, apologizing for what happened. “I’m very sorry about what happened today in training, at no time did I have the intention of hurting my partner. Andrés Herrera, I sincerely apologize, since my arrival at the club you have become a great companion and friend,” he said.

Later, the two visited their partner to apologize in person and ended the crisis generated after the bid.