Samsung releases update with One UI 3.1.1 for Galaxy S10, S20, Note 10 and Note 20 lines

It is worth noting that the manufacturer does not specifically mention the interface in the packages, but a official representative confirmed on their forum that the updates released last week consist of One UI 3.1.1.

This statement is confirmed with the new features that firmware versions under code G97xFXXUCFUH3 (Galaxy S10), G98xBXXU9DUH2 (Galaxy S20), N97xFXXU7FUH3 (Galaxy Note 10) and N98xBXXU3DUH2 (Galaxy Note 20) bring to the user.

New features include a new “Sleeptime” mode, faster animations and running apps, improvements to the camera app and fingerprint reading, better hardware temperature control, and other more discreet changes.

The update packages are relatively large — the update released for the Galaxy Note 10 reaches 927 MB, while the Note 20 will download a 738 MB package. The Galaxy S10 and S20 will receive updates with 733MB and 623MB respectively.

For now, apparently, the update for One UI 3.1.1 has only been released in selected regions of the world. It may take a few days or weeks for the package to reach Brazilian consumers, however, it is worth checking if the firmware is updated in Settings > Software Update > Download and Install.

(Updated on August 30, 2021, at 9:38 am)