São Paulo forwards agreements and awaits documentation to announce Gabriel Neves and Calleri

O São Paulo left the hiring of Gabriel Neves and Calleri well underway. After another series of meetings and discussions this Sunday (29), the board awaits documents to align the last details and close with the two players for the sequence of the season.

About Neves, Tricolor awaits the sending of documents from the player’s managers and also from the National to declare the deal closed. The 24-year-old player will arrive in São Paulo this Monday, will undergo the traditional battery of medical exams and, if everything goes as planned, will sign a contract until December 2022.

The anxiety to defend São Paulo is such that Gabriel Neves anticipated the tricolor board and bought the air ticket out of his own pocket. The defensive midfielder came close to playing in Brazilian football at the beginning of the season, in February, but a disagreement between Nacional and São Paulo prevented the deal at the time.

The negotiation with Jonathan Calleri is also moving towards a happy ending. According to sources heard by ESPN, São Paulo has everything set for a contract with the player in the same mold as the one combined with Neves, valid for a year and a half. What is still missing is to receive documentation from the entrepreneurs.

Calleri is an old desire of the São Paulo fans since he successfully passed by the club in 2016 and was close to returning this year, before the Libertadores finals. However, there was no financial agreement with the attacker’s businessmen, who wanted to keep him in Europe.

No concrete offers (the Valence he got interested, but didn’t take the conversations further), the agents reopened conversations with São Paulo, with Calleri’s father acting as intermediary. The trend is for the negotiation to end with a happy ending for the Brazilian club.

It is worth remembering that the window for players working abroad will close on Monday, so São Paulo is rushing to speed up both deals. Gabriel Neves and Calleri would arrive to act only in the Brazilian championship, since the entries in the Brazil’s Cup are closed.