São Paulo takes a draw from Juventude at the end and misses the chance to touch the G6 of the Brasileirão

São Paulo saw its streak of victories in the Brazilian Championship come to an end. This Sunday afternoon, Tricolor was only in a 1-1 draw with Juventude, away from home, for the 18th round of the tournament. Reinaldo put the visitors ahead, but Ricardo Bueno left everything the same.

With the result, the club from São Paulo, which had won three consecutive triumphs, parked in 12th place, with 22 points. Ju appears right behind, in 13th, with 21.

São Paulo will only return to the field on September 12, when they face Fluminense, at Maracanã, at 4 pm (Brasilia time), for the 20th round. That’s because the team had its next round game postponed due to the FIFA date. Juventude also visit the Cariocas, but this Thursday, at 7pm, in a late match of the 14th round.

The game – The first stage started at a slow pace at the Alfredo Jaconi Stadium, in Caxias do Sul, with both teams missing many passes and commenting many fouls. With that, the alternative found by Matheus Jesus was to kick from afar. At seven minutes, the midfielder started with freedom and risked the intermediate, scaring Tiago Volpi, who just watched the ball pass through the right.

At 27, it was Guilherme Castilho’s turn to try. In free kick, the steering wheel hit the net from the outside.

On the other side, Tricolor even had possession of the ball, but found it difficult to break through the strong marking of opponents. Thus, the team’s first submission came only after 30 minutes. Rigoni received a great pass from Luan and finished it off, making Marcelo Carné work. As a result, Luciano was fired in the area, spun and sent over the goal.

On the way back from the break, the teams came back more connected, especially São Paulo. At six, Igor Vinícius received a cross from Rigoni and kicked with the first kick. Attentive, Carne made a good defense. Four minutes later, Benítez hit the edge of the area and took paint off the crossbar. Then, at 16, the Argentine took a closed corner and forced the goalkeeper to palm away.

Juventude responded at 27. Ricardo Bueno played at the top with Miranda after a corner kick and took danger.

From then on, the visitors intensified their pressure in search of a saving goal, which came in the 39th minute. Igor Gomes received in depth in the area and was knocked down by Marcelo Carné. The referee then awarded a penalty. In charge, Reinaldo puffed up the net and put the Paulistas ahead.

The principals, however, were quick to react. At 46, Ricardo Bueno took advantage of the free kick, dominated alone on the second post and kicked hard to declare the tie.


Local: Alfredo Jaconi Stadium, in Caxias do Sul (RS)
Date: August 29, 2021, Sunday
Schedule: 4 pm (from Brasilia)
Referee: Antônio Dib Moraes de Sousa (PI)
Assistants: Rogério de Oliveira Braga (PI) and Márcio Iglesias Araújo Silva (PI)
VAR: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)
Yellow cards: Ricardo Bueno and William Matheus (Youth); Leo, Luan, Igor Vinícius, Luciano and Miranda (São Paulo)

GOALS: Ricardo Bueno, at 46 of the 2nd T (Youth); Reinaldo, 39th of Q2 (São Paulo)

YOUTH: Marcelo Carne; Michel, Vitor Mendes (Didi), Quintero (Capixaba), Forster and William Matheus; Matheus Jesus (Roberson), Castilho and Wagner (Chico); Sorriso (Bruninho) and Ricardo Bueno.
Technician: Marquinhos Santos.

SÃO PAULO: James Volpi; Bruno Alves, Miranda and Léo; Igor Vinícius, Luan, Nestor (Igor Gomes), Benítez (Sara) and Reinaldo; Rigoni (JUan) and Luciano (Eder).
Technician: Hernan Crespo.

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