São Paulo will pay R$ 3.12 million for Calleri and Neves loans and set amounts for future purchases

The imminent hiring of Gabriel Neves and Jonathan Calleri will cost US$ 600 thousand (R$ 3.1 million) to the coffers of the São Paulo. The values ​​were agreed by the Morumbi team with the respective managers and clubs in the last hours.

Uruguayan and Argentinean signed a loan agreement with Tricolor until December 2022. Each operation will cost US$ 300 thousand, which is equivalent to a little more than R$ 1.5 million at the current price. Therefore, the deals together surpass the R$ 3 million barrier.

The main difference is in relation to purchase amounts, also provided for in the contract. If they want to stay with Gabriel Neves, who has just turned 24, São Paulo will have to pay US$ 1.7 million to Nacional, from Uruguay. The value today represents R$8.84 million, but should change according to the exchange rate at the time.

A definitive hiring of Calleri, who will turn 28 on September 23, will cost the Morumbi team US$ 3 million, the equivalent of R$ 15.6 million today.

There is another detail regarding the Argentine fandom: if the striker receives an offer in excess of US$ 6 million (R$ 31.2 million) from mid 2022, São Paulo will have to pay 30% of the value, or $1.8 million (R$9.36 million) to keep him.

It’s all set for them to be announced in the next few hours. Gabriel Neves is already in São Paulo, after buying the air ticket out of pocket, and passes through the traditional battery of exams before being made official as a backup. The 24-year-old midfielder was an old desire of Hernán Crespo, who nominated him at the beginning of the season.

Calleri is still in Europe, in the city of Pamplona, ​​where he digitally signs the contract with São Paulo, alongside his businessmen. The São Paulo club is also awaiting the approval of Deportivo Maldonado to declare the deal 100% closed.

Remember that both must be registered by midnight from Monday (30) to Tuesday (31), the deadline for closing the window of players from abroad in Brazil. That’s why São Paulo rushes to streamline the documentation of both, who can only act in the Brazilian Championship.