Second in Spa, Russell wins his first podium in Formula 1

After a lot of rain, and a lot of delays, George Russell won its first podium in the Formula 1, after a 4-lap race behind the safety car at the legendary Belgian track in Spa Francorchamps. It was the first podium of the Williams since the 2017 Azerbaijani GP, when Lance Stroll took third place.

None of this would have happened if Russell hadn’t had a spectacular qualifying session on Saturday.

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“Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we don’t usually get rewarded for great training and we definitely got it today, but first I just want to say I’m sorry to all the fans, it’s been amazing the support here all this time, you know, we were all in the same boat, and it was a shame we couldn’t start this race, but from our side and the team’s side it’s a fantastic result,” said the smiling driver.

Asked if being called “Mr Saturday” helped him today Russell replied: “It really did, we’re having a little celebration tonight, I’m sure. The whole team deserves this because there has been a lot of hard work in the last few years and there’s really nothing to show or prove for it. And we hit the nail on the head yesterday and here we are on the podium, so I can say I didn’t expect that this year for sure.”

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