Simaria appears with her son in her arms and vents after the separation

Singer Simaria, from the duo with Simone, appeared with her youngest son, the boy Pawel

The singer Simaria, from the duo with Simone, delighted and thrilled when he appeared with his youngest son, the five-year-old boy Pawel. She is the mother of Giovanna, age nine, and Pawel, age five. Both are the result of the 14-year marriage between the singer and the Spaniard Vicente Escrig.

A few days ago, Simaria announced the end of her marriage to Vicente. At the time, she made a point of praising her now ex-husband. “I communicate to everyone that my relationship with Vicente came to an end after 14 years. It was a decision thought out, very clearly. We had a beautiful time together, two wonderful children, who are our greatest assets. I ask God that Vicente is very happy, because he deserves it. I want to thank everyone for their support. I intend, from now on, to be even happier, even without the man I once loved so much”, she said at the time.

Now, the friend showed a photo in which she appears with her son Pawel in her arms. And when she showed the beautiful photo with her son, the colleague vented and declared to her son saying: “My strength”.

The netizens were nothing but praise for the singer and her son. “How beautiful you two! A lot of love involved!”, commented a netizen. And another netizen said: “That’s right, children are our greatest strength, especially in difficult times!”.

Simone recently talked about how her sister Simaria was in the days after their separation. The friend stated that her sister was fine. “She’s fine! She is a strong, beautiful woman who deserves all the happiness in the world!”, said the singer. Simone also emphasized, when asked about her opinion about her separation from her sister, that for her the important thing is to see her sister happy, regardless of whether she is married or separated.

Singer Simaria and her son Pawel

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