Simone celebrates Kaká Diniz’s surprise birthday with Aduílio Mendes and Laninha Show – É Hit

The singer Simone threw a surprise party for her husband — the businessman from Ceará Kaka Diniz in celebration of the 36th anniversary. This Friday (26), friends and family of the couple were at Haras Ana Dantas Ranch, in São Paulo. Aduílio Mendes and Laninha Show were the attractions of the party.

Kaká Diniz had already revealed to Simone the desire to hold a party in Fortaleza (CE), but due to the precautions against Covid-19 and the singer’s commitments, the trip to Ceará was unfeasible. Simone brought names from the music he used to listen to at the time he lived in Sobral (CE).

Simone and Simaria also sang songs in forró with their singing friends. Kaká Diniz even played the zabumba during the participation of the sisters and made a loving declaration to Simone.

Even though it is a family and restricted event, the anniversary counted on rapid testing by Covid-19.

house in Ceará

In early 2019, singer Simone left Ceará with her family. The purpose of the change was to facilitate the schedule of concerts in the South and Southeast of the country. Even far from the Northeast, she maintains a house in Eusébio (CE).

On occasional days off, Simone enjoys Ceará with her family. At events in São João and also at New Year’s Eve parties, she can enjoy the Northeast.

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