Sodexo starts week with jobs for ALL BRAZIL

THE Sodexus is promoting job openings across the country! There are three positions announced this beginning of the week, with several hiring possibilities. The company is highlighted, founded by Pierre Bellon, in France, leads the world with its quality of life services. The company offers several integrated solutions, capable of contributing to the efficiency and well-being of many organizations around the world. Find out how to apply for one of the vacancies and other information about the opportunities!

Sodexo opens job openings across the country
Image: Quero Telephone – Reproduction

Sodexo opens job openings across the country

There are several opportunities that generate a monthly salary compatible with the market and benefits such as life insurance, food stamps, gym assistance, home office, private pension, medical and dental plan, and many others. Check out what positions are available this weekend!

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To sign up for one of the opportunities at the Sodexus, interested parties can click on the desired vacancy and select the “Apply” icon to send an updated resume.

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