summary of the chapters from August 30th to September 4th, 2021 of the telenovela

Summary of chapters 121 to 126 of the telenovela rerun Empire, which will be shown from August 30th to September 4th, 2021, at 9 pm, on Globo. Originally aired between July 2014 and March 2015, Aguinaldo Silva’s plot is back and replaces Amor de Mãe.

Monday 30th, chapter 121 of empire

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Maria Marta makes a deal with Cora to discover José Alfredo’s hiding place. Xana advises Vicente to choose between Cristina and Maria Clara. Enrico sees Maurilio and Danielle together at the hotel. Bruna leaves the hotel without her mother seeing her. Xana hears Naná talking to Antônio. Danielle discovers that her daughter is missing and despairs. Bruna tells José Pedro that his mother is with Maurílio. Maria Marta sends Josué to give a message to José Alfredo. Silviano tells Danielle that Bruna is at the mansion. José Alfredo explains his new plan to Joshua and orders him to execute it as soon as possible. Orville is enchanted by Salvador’s painting of Helena. Maria Marta questions Danielle about her involvement with Maurílio. José Alfredo orders Cristina to allow his false body to be exhumed.

Tuesday 31, chapter 122 of Empire

José Alfredo explains why Cristina must agree to the exhumation. Danielle tells Maria Marta that she doesn’t have an affair with Maurílio. Xana suggests that Naná bring Luciano to the party she’s going to have at her house. Magnolia pretends to be Beatriz to invite celebrities to her party. Danielle tells Maurílio that she can control José Pedro. Salvador leaves with Helena, and Orville asks Jonas to set up an auction with his paintings. With Cristina’s help, José Alfredo meets his grandchildren. Joshua prepares the Commander’s new plan. Naná discovers that Luciano will be adopted. Helena distrusts Orville. Maurílio informs Maria Marta that he will move to the mansion.

Wednesday 01, chapter 123 of Empire

Maria Clara confides to Vicente that she believes her father is alive. Cora decides to investigate Manoel’s bar. Naná says goodbye to Luciano and watches the boy follow his adoptive parents. Maurilio receives a mysterious phone call. Salvador tells Vicente that he made a painting of Helena. Téo complains about Magnolia and Severus’ eccentricities. Xana faints when she learns that Luciano has been adopted. Carmem complains about Jonas having hired Érika to publicize the auction in Salvador. Téo demands that Maurílio force Maria Marta to give him an interview. José Pedro steals the pink diamond from João Lucas. Maria Marta goes to the cemetery. Naná tries to console Xana. Maria Ísis overhears Felipe talking to Enrico about the sabotage carried out in Vicente’s restaurant. Maria Marta confirms that José Alfredo is buried.

Thursday 02, chapter 124 of Empire

José Alfredo asks Maria Isis not to tell Vicente what he discovered. Manoel sets up a plan to deceive Cora. Maria Marta delivers the strands of hair she picked up at the cemetery to Merival. José Pedro comments to Amanda about Danielle’s blackmail. Teo promises revenge against Enrico. Cora follows Manoel and is furious when she finds out she’s been deceived. Xana regrets having lost Luciano. Carmem and Orville hide Salvador’s works from Helena. Maria Marta tells Amanda that she can design the new collection for the Império jewelry store. Guided by José Alfredo, Maria Ísis tells Cláudio about the conversation between Felipe and Enrico. Claudio sets a trap for Felipe. The result of the DNA test of José Alfredo’s body arrives. Maurílio takes possession of the Commander’s room.

Friday 03, chapter 125 of empire

Maria Clara, José Pedro and João Lucas harass Maurílio. Maria Marta confirms the death of José Alfredo. Claudio and Beatriz ridicule the invitation to Magnolia and Severo’s birthday party. Enrico assures Felipe that he will end Vicente’s reputation. Manoel takes Cora to see her bar’s liquor deposit. Jurema dreams of Jairo again. Leonardo invites Amanda to represent Maria Marta at the samba school. Maria Marta tells Cora the result of the exhumation. Orville speaks ill of Helena to Salvador. José Pedro manipulates Cora and finds Cristina’s pink diamond. Luciano runs away from his adoptive parents’ house and goes after Xana. Arnoldão advises Xana to return Luciano. Cristina realizes that her stone’s hiding place has been altered and asks Cora about her diamond.

Saturday 04, chapter 126 of Empire

Cora convinces Cristina that Sirlene stole her diamond. Maurílio orders Maria Marta to give an interview to Téo. José Pedro talks to a smuggler. Felipe believes in Claudio’s supposed interest in him. Cristina convinces Xana to return Luciano, and Juliane calls the boy’s adoptive parents. Cora hires Jurema to work at her house. Claudio tells Beatriz that he will get the evidence against Enrico. Cristina tells that it was stolen, and João Lucas discovers that his diamond has also disappeared. Josué tells José Alfredo that his children were robbed and he distrusts José Pedro. Xana says he will fight to adopt Luciano. Xênia and Pietro prepare to spoil Juliane’s party on the samba school court. Maurílio denounces José Pedro to the police.

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