‘Super Dance of the Famous’: Paolla Oliveira wins competition and thanks Leandro Azevedo | Pop & Art

Paolla Oliveira and Leandro Azevedo were the big winners of “Super Dança dos Famosos”. The final took place this Sunday night (29), when the duo surpassed the performances of Dandara Mariana and Diego Maia, and Rodrigo Simas and Nathália Ramos.

Participants showed their choreographies on stage to the rhythm of samba and forró.

Right after the celebration at the attraction, Paolla published a series of videos in which she celebrated the achievement and thanked her dance partner.

“He’s a champion. Man, I couldn’t imagine that, how did it happen? Thank you to everyone who participated in this crazy madness with us,” said the actress.

“Partner, thanks for everything,” Paolla followed.

Leandro returned the affection: “Thank you, you were amazing, this woman changed my life”.

The finalist pairs were evaluated by Ana Maria Braga, Rebeca Andrade and Alexandre Pires in the artistic jury. Carlinhos de Jesus and Claudia Motta were responsible for the technical grades.

Paolla Oliveira and Leandro Azevedo were the big winners of the “Super Dance of the Famous — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The presentation ended the participation of Tiago Leifert in command of the attraction. The presenter was moved at the farewell.

Next week, TV presenter Luciano Huck will take charge of Sunday’s schedule, with “Domingão do Huck”.