Sylvinho analyzes and accredits Corinthians’ improvement with the arrival of Giuliano and Renato

Corinthians has improved its performance in recent games, whether at home or away. In the opinion of coach Sylvinho, the fact is not just a coincidence with the arrival of Giuliano and Renato Augusto.

In an interview with former player Casagrande, in the Espetacular sport, the Corinthians coach spoke about how the pair has helped the entire group. About Giuliano, Sylvinho pondered the period of adaptation to Brazil, but showed how shirt 11 has influenced the evolution of other athletes.

The arrival of Renato Augusto and Giuliano gave a technical evolution. The other athletes, around Giuliano and Renato Augusto, have grown, and the team has become more balanced. I’ve seen this for the last three, four games. Especially in the last three, where Giuliano’s frequency was higher. The team had a good evolution,” said the coach.

“Giuliano’s process is to understand that he has three, four games, he is changing continents, returning to Brazilian football. He changes his diet, changes his training method and methodology, and we are taking it with care. The athlete has responded very well. an athlete who takes care of himself, has a level of experience, very high technique, so this helps in his readaptation to Brazilian football. Little by little he has entered, rushing this moment of his, but that has helped the group a lot”, he added shortly afterwards.

Regarding Renato Augusto, the coach spoke about the importance of the knowledge that the number 8 shirt has about the club. Despite enduring less time on the field, the midfielder also has direct weight in the improvement of alvinegra.

“Renato we know very well about Corinthians, of the Brazilian national team, now he has returned to Corinthians… He has a longer period of inactivity, he comes from China, there were six months without an official game, he has already made the debut of his dreams, 30 minutes a lot well done. Renato is very conscientious, every four or five work sessions, we sit down with all the structures of the club and listen to Renato. He needs to be very well balanced to play more than 45 minutes, 60 and in a little while 90 minutes“, analyzed Sylvinho.

Now, the pair and the other Corinthians fans have two days off before returning to the field for training. Timão re-presents itself on Tuesday, when it starts preparing for the game against Juventude, which will take place at 9:30 pm on the next 7th, ending the first round of Brasileirão.

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