Sylvinho recognizes the difficulty of the Brazilian Championship and remembers Corinthians’ winning decades

Corinthians played its last game as a visitor in the first round of the Brazilian Championship. This Sunday, against Grêmio, the team won the match of the 18th round by 1-0. After the final whistle, Sylvinho spoke about the construction of the team and the difficulty of the championship.

“We are going under construction. We are well aligned with the entire board, with the presidency, we are building, we are going from result to result. It is a difficult championship, complicated championship,” he stated.

The coach showed satisfaction with the result and relief for finally hitting straight victories in charge of the club.

“Satisfied for another weekend to be able to give joy to our immense Corinthians fan who wanted, seeks and rejoices as we all rejoice with two, three straight victories. It’s been a while since we had it, we’re working for it. It’s a tough championship and the victory comes in the middle of a very complicated, very difficult game, and we, in detail, got this victory. It’s good for all of us and for our fans,” he continued.

In addition, the coach said he does not expect the team to have his face, extolling the centenary history and the last victorious decades.

“As a coach, I don’t pretend that the team is my face. It’s Corinthians, it’s from 1910. The warrior team, of delivery, solidarity, that’s what we’ve come to bring, because we already have it, it’s just a case of rescuing. Decades of achievements for this club, always with a lot of dedication. It’s our dear, Corinthians face, we are putting what Corinthians is. it was difficult, but in the details we got the three points,” he concluded.

Timão ends the first round on September 7, when it hosts Juventude at Neo Química Arena, at 9:30 pm.

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