Tennis player accused of cheating ex with luxury escorts: ‘No character’ | More Sports

thiago wild

thiago wild

Biomedical Thayane Lima used her Instagram account to reveal that she was betrayed by Brazilian tennis player Thiago Wild, number 2 in the country and 119 in the world.

In her report of more than seven minutes, divided into more than 30 stories, the influencer, who lived in a stable relationship with the athlete, stated that she found evidence of at least five betrayals on the athlete’s cell phone and that she discovered a party with four luxury escorts in São Paulo, in which, according to her, Wild would not have used a condom.

“I had to go to a gynecologist to ask for several tests because I don’t know who he was with, I don’t know the girls he was with. I only found out who they were later. The person has no respect, no character, no care The guy betrayed me. Can you imagine if I caught a disease?”, she asked, stressing that she was living on medication and that she lost seven kilos since the separation.

“I’m living on Rivotril and I’m suffering an absurd psychological pressure from him and his family. Rivotril, for me, is being water. He (Wild) is still being super coward with me, and the family, in a way, is being conniving,” he pointed out.

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During her talk, she even showed her 1.3 million followers screenshots of Wild’s cell phone. In one of them, the tennis player made a horn on Thayane. “Disappointment that you share your life, your dreams, with a person you see who doesn’t respect you one bit. He really treats me like I’m all right, like he didn’t do anything wrong. He could have just dumped me. , and we ended up well. But no, he preferred to be that kid,” he concluded.

The tennis player has not yet publicly commented on the accusation.