Thammy Miranda shows her baby and opens the game about the donor

Digital influencer Thammy Miranda and his wife Andressa Ferreira spoke about choosing the donor

the digital influencer Thammy Miranda and his wife, the coach Andressa Ferreira, are the proud parents of the one year and seven month old baby Bento. The baby was conceived through an in vitro fertilization.

And now, Thammy Miranda and Andressa Ferreira decided to give more details about Bento’s arrival. The couple opened the game and gave details about how the donor was chosen. The donor was chosen through an international semen bank.

All of the in vitro fertilization of the boy Bento took place in the United States. And now, Andressa Ferreira explained that the donor is also American. The coach even surprised her by telling her that she and Thammy saw pictures of the adult donor and even heard his voice!

Andressa spoke about this subject after an internet user asked the following question: “What were the criteria in choosing the donor? Sorry, I’m just curious.” The coach then explained: “We chose on an American website, American donor because it is a very safe website, we can hear the donor’s voice, see a photo of the donor as a child and adult, complete family genetic picture, genetic diseases, checklist of the total life of the donor. donor”.

The famous mom said that her next child with Thammy will also be from the same donor. The couple already know that their next baby will be a girl and she will be called Manuella! This is because in the United States it is possible to choose whether to have a boy or a girl, in Brazil this type of choice is not allowed.

An internet user then asked: “Will Manu be the same donor as Bento?”. And Andressa explained: “Yes, Manuella and the other embryos are already ready, frozen, stored in the fertility clinic, just inseminate, we have six more children there! Crazy that isn’t it? But science is amazing!”.

Thammy Miranda also showed a beautiful photo with her baby. He appeared with his son in his arms at the pool and declared himself to the little one, saying: “I always knew I would be a father, I just didn’t know how much joy it is every day, the concern and the feeling of knowing that I’m helping form a person’s character!”.

Thammy Miranda with Bento in his mansion

Thammy Miranda with her son Bento in her mansion

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