‘The Voice Kids’: first day of Tira-Teima phase has tears, tough decisions and excitement with ‘Brasil’ by Cazuza | The Voice Kids

started the Tira-Teima of The Voice Kids! This Sunday, 8/29, emotion took over the participants, who, after releasing their voices, were anxious to know the decision of Carlinhos Brown, Gaby Amarantos and Michel Teló on who would pass to the next stage. Want to find out who’s still on the show? Check out all the presentations and verdicts from the technicians!

Glue here and follow everything that happened in the program!

Team Gaby at Tira-Teima at ‘The Voice Kids’ — Photo: Globo

Clara Cintra was the first to sing for Team Gaby, and she chose “Don’t Start Now“, success in the voice of the teller two Lipa.

Clara Cintra sings 'Don't Start Now'

Clara Cintra sings ‘Don’t Start Now’

Then it was Izabelle Ribeiro’s turn to release her voice with “Talking serious“, hit by Roberto Carlos.

Izabelle Ribeiro sings 'Speaking Seriously'

Izabelle Ribeiro sings ‘Speaking Seriously’

Moon Brunetti chose “superstition” in Stevie Wonder for your presentation.

Lua Brunetti sings 'Superstition'

Lua Brunetti sings ‘Superstition’

And Mari Gonçalves sang “loose girl” by Giulia Be.

Mari Gonçalves sings 'Menina Solta'

Mari Gonçalves sings ‘Menina Solta’

“I’m very proud, because we see the evolution of each one of you. You four are wonderful, I want to follow your careers forever, beyond this program. I want to be part of your life! I want a beautiful trajectory to four, regardless of the outcome,” said Gaby.

After that, Gaby gave her verdict: saved Izabelle and Lua!

Gaby Amarantos chooses who follows on 'The Voice Kids'

Gaby Amarantos chooses who follows on ‘The Voice Kids’

Time Teló at Tira-Teima by ‘The Voice Kids’ — Photo: Globo

Then it was Time Teló’s turn, with Bianca Alves opening the works with the song “A rung on the ladder“, a country success.

Bianca Alves sings 'Um Degrau Na Escada'

Bianca Alves sings ‘Um Degrau Na Escada’

After her, Gustavo Bardim gave a cute show by singing “Shallow“, by Lady Gaga.

Gustavo Bardim sings 'Shallow'

Gustavo Bardim sings ‘Shallow’

Laís Menezes made a beautiful presentation with “Too yummy“, song of little sundays and Nando Cordel.

Laís Menezes sings 'Too Gostoso'

Laís Menezes sings ‘Too Gostoso’

And Paulinho Arretado gave a show with “White wing“, in Luiz Gonzaga.

Paulinho Arretado sings 'Asa Branca'

Paulinho Arretado sings ‘Asa Branca’

“It was amazing, you guys are awesome, you dedicated yourself so much! The way you sang your singing moved me a lot. You are awesome warriors, it was beautiful to see your dedication. Keep it up and keep going! You are already great singers! “, said Teló.

Teló then made his choice: Gustavo and Laís were saved!

Michel Teló chooses who follows on 'The Voice Kids'

Michel Teló chooses who follows on ‘The Voice Kids’

Michel Teló jokes about ‘Shallow’ on ‘The Voice Kids’: ‘Lady Gaga’s going to repost now’

Team Brown at ‘The Voice Kids’ Tira-Teima — Photo: Globo

For Team Brown, Isabelly Sampaio sang “Out of tune”, classic of Tom Jobim and Newton Mendonça.

Isabelly Sampaio sings 'Desafinado'

Isabelly Sampaio sings ‘Desafinado’

João Vitor Kindel chose to release his voice with “Just one more of love“, by Lulu Santos.

João Vitor Kindel 'Just Another Love'

João Vitor Kindel ‘Just Another Love’

Lorena França performed to the sound of “It was Shovel Pum“, success in the voice of Simone & Simaria.

Lorena França sings 'Foi Pá Pum'

Lorena França sings ‘Foi Pá Pum’

And Sofia Farah closed the presentations with “Brazil“, success in the voice of Cazuza, which excited the technicians!

Sofia Farah sings 'Brazil'

Sofia Farah sings ‘Brazil’

“We play together, yes, and we’re talking about unity and different styles. What I do here will please one side and not the other, because everyone has a style and is doing their own thing. champion is the journey, it’s not the podium. What you did is chilling, it’s very difficult to be in this position, but I’ll have to make that decision,” said Brown.

Thus, Carlinhos Brown revealed his decision: Isabelly and Sofia remain in the competition!

Carlinhos Brown chooses who follows on 'The Voice Kids'

Carlinhos Brown chooses who follows on ‘The Voice Kids’

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