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Interpreter for Daryl Dixon, who confirmed Death Stranding 2 game, compares the characters’ haircuts throughout the zombie series.

The Walking Dead is heading into its 11th season and has had a lot of changes over the years — like the death of beloved characters, the departure of main actors, changes in showrunners — and its final season promises to bring an Alice in Country twist worthy das Maravilhas and The Fantastic Chocolate Factory, revealed Norman Reedus, interpreter of Daryl Dixon. The actor spoke with AdoroCinema at a round table about the end of production.

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Season 11 of The Walking Dead will be like Alice in Wonderland

“This season starts with a group stalking Maggie and her people. And Maggie runs right back to us,” anticipated Reedus of Lauren Cohan’s return to The Walking Dead and the introduction of the dreaded Reapers/Reapers, villains created exclusively for the TV series. “We have a mission to get something for the survival of our group and basically we are being hunted. So Daryl tells everyone he’s going with her, support her and act as the ‘muscle’ in the situation. And that turns into a separation, which turns into another mission, which turns into a bigger mission. And then, in the middle of the season, it’s like Alice falling into the rabbit hole, we kind of wake up and we’re somewhere else and it’s all in Technicolor. [A série] turns into something completely different about mid-season. And right now, in this series, we’re pretty close to falling into that hole. If that makes any sense,” the actor commented, probably referring to the new Commonwealth community.

“The city we’re filming in right now should have 50,000 people living in it, which is crazy,” he continued, commenting on going back to filming on big sets during the coronavirus pandemic with all the security protocols in place. “It’s amazing to see so many people in such a big place with so much color. So I’m glad we’re back to the big stuff, you know, making the little ones was harder for me. Their minds will explode because it’s like Willy Wonka. Suddenly, we fell into the rabbit hole”.

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Who cuts their hair in the zombie apocalypse? Why doesn’t Daryl cut his hair?

One of the only characters from The Walking Dead that have continued from season one is Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus. “I think Norman, like Daryl, has grown gradually over the last 10 years. I remember when this little lock of gray hair right here was tiny,” said the actor, pointing to his long and (already) traditional locks. “It’s an honor to play a character that you see grow in age in real time, almost,” he said.


Negan cuts his hair, while Daryl leaves the strands long, but how? This is the question from Norman Reedus.

“When we started this series I thought if we went this far, so many seasons, we would all have, like, three teeth. We would be super skinny. We would be like crazy people, wild animals. They get tighter. They get cute little haircuts or shave the sides of their head. And I’m like, who’s cutting your hair? And the zombie apocalypse? Is there? Like, is there a barber somewhere I don’t know ?” Reedus joked, recalling the most diverse haircuts of Maggie, Carol (Melissa McBride), Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and company. be able to play a character for 10 years. [Daryl] grow up, all your little mannerisms change. Your face changes, your attitude changes. There are few people who have the chance to do something like this”.

“If this were a movie, one thing would happen to me and I would change my perspective. And I would be an assassin or a hero, but in more than 10 years on TV, it’s these little gradual things that you could change,” Reedus commented on the challenges that still exist in living his character. “We could do a timeline, all the things that have happened to Daryl since season one: looking for Sophia, hooking up with Carol, choosing this family over Merle and then having to kill Merle. Rick, recognizing Daryl as a brother,” recalled the actor. “There are all these different things that happened this season, that are happening, but Daryl is doing things this season that he doesn’t want to do. It’s this gradual evolution of this character that he’s doing things for the good of other people. I think when The Walking Dead ends, I’d like to see Daryl do something for himself. He is always doing something for other people. I think Daryl needs a day at the spa. Massages and manicures or whatever people do at a spa.”

Will Rick and Daryl meet in season 11?

According to Reedus, the background of Daryl and Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln’s character who disappeared in Season 9, is “too important to be forgotten.” Does that mean there will be any mention of Rick in the final year of the series? Or even an appearance by the actor? After all, The Walking Dead will soon win more spin-offs on television and in theaters, including a movie trilogy starring Lincoln and a series starring Daryl and Carol (Melissa McBride).

On his own spin-off, Reedus doesn’t know much about the details, but he anticipated: “I know it won’t feel like The Walking Dead, it’ll be completely different. It’s not going to be a two-character The Walking Dead episode, it’s going to be completely different.”

Death Stranding 2, video game starring Norman Reedus, could happen

Another outstanding character of Reedus is Sam Porter Bridges in the videogame Death Stranding, by Hideo Kojima, also responsible for Metal Gear. The actor captures motions, facial expressions and voice acting.

When asked which of his most famous characters would win a marathon, Daryl Dixon, who spent years walking the zombie apocalypse looking for Rick Grimes, or Sam Porter Bridges from Death Stranding, who delivers packages in a hostile open-world environment, Norman Reedus replied:

“It would definitely be Sam Porter Bridges. He has the suit, the motorcycle… Wait, they both have motorcycles. He’s got that exoskeleton he can run with,” Reedus said. “Daryl is in Georgia, it’s super hot. Then he could pass out. Norman, on the other hand, would just take a bus,” he joked. “I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding. [O jogo] is in negotiations right now. So… Yay”, celebrated the actor, anticipating the (possible) news almost exclusively to the journalists present — as it was first published on IGN Brasil, AdoroCinema’s partner site.

The 11th season of The Walking Dead debuts on Star+ on August 31st, when the streaming service arrives in Brazil.

How to subscribe to Star+? What are the prices?

In Brazil, you will have three subscription options:

  • Subscribe to Star+: BRL 32.90/month
  • Subscribe to Star+ annually: BRL 329.90
  • Subscribe to Star+ with Disney+: R$ 45.90/month