Tiago Leifert: Luciano Huck replaces Big Brother Brasil presenter on Globo’s grid and web triggers change | Faustian

After winning over viewers on Sundays, James Leifert said goodbye yesterday (29) of the Super Dance of the Famous. Substitute for Faustian on the Sunday grid of TV Globo, the presenter of Big Brother Brazil will give place to Luciano Huck, who will leave the Cauldron and command the Sunday with Huck from the next day 5.

On social networks, many internet users regretted the change and criticized the husband of Angelica. On Twitter, for example, fans showed dismay for the debut of Domingão with Huck and asked for the permanence of the former Globo Esporte.

“Tiago is much bigger than Luciano, see?! That’s why Huck was nervous to take over Sunday,” wrote a user on the web. “I don’t believe they will take Tiago Leifert from Domingão to play Luciano Huck’s drama. This is a crime! Inadmissible. It will take away the entertainment and turn it into a drama,” complained another.

It is worth mentioning that Huck pressured Globo to anticipate Domingão with Huck. According to information in the column by Carla Bittencourt, from the Metrópoles portal, the 49-year-old communicator said that he would no longer be Faustão’s replacement if he made his debut only in January, but Leifert’s.

See the repercussion below: