Till Lindemann, lead singer of Rammstein, is arrested in Russia for a far-right event

Till Lindemann (Rammstein)
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Till Lindemann, lead singer of Rammstein, was arrested in Russia last Saturday (28).

According to the summa hell, the singer of the Metal band would perform with his solo band at the “Maclarin for Rodina” festival, in the region of Tver, this Sunday. Before that, however, he was removed from his hotel room and taken to the police station, being interrogated alongside his manager, Anar Reiband.

The controversy gets even more complicated: the event is being organized by Maxim Larin, a businessman who is a member of the Rodina party (which means “Motherland”), a well-known representative of the Russian extreme right and with strong ties to nationalism. The show, according to the RT, would be a delayed celebration of Maxim’s 45th birthday.

However, the issue that led to Till’s arrest was not, at least publicly, tied to politics. Initial information says that the festival, despite being private, would be breaking the restrictions of COVID-19 in the European country.

Furthermore, Lindemann’s manager would have entered the country illegally — he declared himself a tourist, but he would be on business and would, in fact, be one of the organizers of the event. The information is still quite mixed, but there is in fact Lindemann’s records at the Russian police station, as you can see below.

The show was cancelled, as the Lindemann World, portal dedicated to the vocalist, and we still don’t know the situation of Till’s upcoming performances in the country. The singer was scheduled to perform on the 4th and 5th of September in Moscow.

Apparently, neither the singer nor the manager will suffer heavier sanctions and had the charges dropped by accepting the event’s cancellation. Complicated, huh?

Till Lindemann arrested in Russia

Till Lindemann arrested in Russia

Till Lindemann arrested in Russia