TSE assesses that there are conditions for the cancellation of the Bolsonaro-Mourão plate, says the newspaper

Court has four lawsuits for economic abuse and misuse of social media during the campaign of the president and his deputy

Jair Bolsonaro and Hamilton Mourão.  Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

Jair Bolsonaro and Hamilton Mourão. Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR

The Superior Electoral Court already considers that there are technical conditions for the revocation of the Bolsonaro-Mourão plate. The information is from the Lauro Jardim’s blog, in the newspaper The globe.

Altogether, the current president and his deputy face four lawsuits in Court for suspected irregularities during the electoral campaign in 2018. Bolsonaro and Mourão allegedly used social media illegally and committed other financial abuses during the electoral race.

In one of the investigations, the court is looking at the use of the names and CPFs of elderly people to register cellphone chips. These new chips would have been used for mass shootings by Bolsonaro’s campaign team.

According to the newspaper, the technical and material conditions for the impeachment would already be consolidated by the TSE, and at the moment only the best political conditions to move forward with the process remain. An impeachment could strengthen Bolsonaro’s speeches of democratic rupture in recent weeks.

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