Vasco controls Ponte Preta in São Januário and wins again after 3 rounds – 08/29/2021

At the end of the 21st round of Serie B, Vasco beat Ponte Preta by 2-0 this Sunday afternoon (29). The result ended a streak of three straight defeats for the team in the tournament. In a very busy match in São Januário, Cruzmaltino didn’t have any big scares and scored with Andrey, at 18 minutes of the first half, and Caio Lopes, at 19 minutes of the second.

After losing to Remo, Londrina and Operário, Vasco recovers and reaches 31 points — four less than Botafogo, last in the G4 — and occupies 10th place in the table. Macaca is still threatened by relegation and is in 15th place, with 22 points, just one more than Londrina, the club that opens the Z4.

Both Vasco and Ponte Preta will return to the field this Friday (3), at 7 pm, for the 22nd round of the tournament. The Rio team plays once again at home, against Brasil de Pelotas in São Januário. The team from Campinas receives Sampaio Corrêa at Moisés Lucarelli.

Who did well: Pipe

The owner of the shirt 14 is a fundamental part for Vasco. In addition to attracting the marking, the center forward whenever he touches the ball is dangerous. Even without finishing that much, he gave the touch that opened up the entire opposing defense and allowed the home team to score.

Who disappointed: Rodrigão

On the other hand, Ponte Preta’s ‘killer’ participated very little in the game. Rodrigão did not help in marking and also did not present options for the São Paulo team’s offensive plays. He left the match at 35 of the second half for the entry of João Veras.

the return of castan

The Vasco defender, because of an injury to his right thigh, had not been on the field since the last day 12. On his return, he showed his importance in the team. In addition to providing more security in the defense, he acts as a true captain, guiding his teammates throughout the duel.

Castan was also present in the first two yellow cards of the match. He took a sole from Cleylton at 5 of the second half and saw his rival being warned. On the other hand, at 24, he missed Marcos Junior and also received the yellow card.

Lisca hits the lineup

Before the match, Lisca highlighted the good week of work he had at Gigante da Colina. Forced to make two changes in midfield, with the suspensions of Romulo and Morato, the coach still bet on Caio Lopes’ entry and managed to control the sector in the confrontation.

The bet on Caio Lopes was so successful that the defensive midfielder scored his first goal for the club, after 15 matches. The player received from the right and sent a bomb to the goal. The midway detour took away any chance of goalkeeper Ivan.

There and here

The hosts started the match looking for the goal. After just three minutes, Caio Lopes had a chance from outside the area. The answer came with Moses, who caught the ball on the left, took it to the middle and forced Vanderlei to make a great save after the blow with his right leg.

At 11, Marquinhos Gabriel played for Léo Jabá, who received it on the left and kicked at point-blank range, but Ivan managed to get away. Soon after, Marcos Júnior tried to cover for Vanderlei, but the ball passed Vanderlei’s left post.

Goal boosts Vasco

Léo Jabá met Cano at the entrance to the area and the center forward, pivoting, rolled to Marquinhos Gabriel, who was alone on the left. The player crossed as Andrey, also unmarked, headed into the back of the net, on 18 minutes. At the celebration, he put the ball under his shirt, indicating that he will be a father soon.

The advantage on the scoreboard improved the home team, which began to have greater control of the match. In the minutes before the break, the São Paulo club managed to rebalance the duel.


The home team came back better from the locker room and had the main chances in the first minutes. Ponte, realizing the rival’s superiority, bet on Kevin and Iago’s entries in the 15th minute, but the options had no effect and Vasco extended the advantage.

With the score 2-0, Cruzmaltino even allowed the opponent to stay more in the attack field. However, the club knew how to manage the advantage and did not allow great danger moves to be created.

Around 30 minutes, as has become the custom in Brazilian football, the coaches started to make a series of changes and the pace of the match dropped considerably. Of those who entered, Vini Locatelli, who was quoted to start at Macaca, hit a nice shot at 39 and was the best.

firefly shirt

Goalkeeper Vanderlei caught the eye. Not only for making another safe game and leaving São Januário without being leaked, but also for his uniform. The fluorescent green shirt was a highlight in itself in the match, reminding a little of the mantle worn by Palmeiras, for the first time in 2007.


Date: 08/29/2021;
Local: São Januário Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ);
Hour: 4 pm (from Brasília);
Referee: Heber Roberto Lopes (SC);
Assistants: Alex dos Santos (SC) and Henrique Neu Ribeiro (SC);
VAR: Jean Pierre Gonçalves Lima (RS)

Goals: Andrey, at 18′ of the first half, and Caio Lopes, at 19′ of the second half, for Vasco;

Yellow cards: Leandro Castan (VAS); Cleylton (PON);

Vasco: Vanderlei, Léo Matos, Miranda, Leandro Castan and Zeca; Caio Lopes, Andrey and Marquinhos Gabriel (Galarza); Léo Jabá (Figueiredo), Gabriel Pec (João Pedro) and Cano (Daniel Amorim). Technician: Stripe.

Black Bridge: Ivan, Felipe Albuquerque (Kevin), Cleylton, Thiago Lopes and Rafael Santos; André Luiz, Marcos Junior (Vini Locatelli) and Fessin (Lucas Cândido); Niltinho (Iago), Moisés and Rodrigão (João Veras). Technician: Gilson Klein.