Video explores symbolism of the characters’ red costumes

Photo: Publicity / Netflix / Modern Popcorn

Netflix released a new behind-the-scenes video of “La Casa de Papel” with a different approach, centered on the symbolism of the red jumpsuit worn by burglars. In the video, several cast members go through the ritual of wearing the uniform and comment on how they feel about wearing “the skin” of the characters.

The series moves towards its end and, at the end of the story, the group of thieves in the plot has been wearing the famous jumpsuits for 100 hours, surrounded inside the Bank of Spain by the military forces and without the command of the Professor (Álvaro Morte), who was captured just when they must face the Spanish army.

The last 10 episodes were recorded in Spain, Portugal and Denmark, and received two reinforcements: actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Lito from “Sense 8”) and Patrick Criado (Daniel from “The Successor, also from Netflix), that debut in production.

But fans of the series will be tortured by Netflix’s release strategy, which decided to split Part 5 – with inevitable redundancy – into two parts. As it chose to name the seasons of the Spanish series Parts, Netflix is ​​now calling the “parts” of Parts “volumes”. Thus, “Part 5: Volume 1” will be released next Friday (3/9), while “Part 5: Volume 2” is for December 3rd.

The option to split the episodes, which are already entirely recorded, aims to extend the series to take advantage of its popularity a little more. “La Casa de Papel” has become one of the most watched attractions on Netflix in recent years, generating a legion of fans.