Viviane Araújo’s wedding will have a concert by Xande de Pilares and drums by Salgueiro

The wedding of Viviane Araújo and Guilherme Militão takes place next Friday (3) at the Lajedo farm, in Vargem Pequena, west side of Rio de Janeiro. O on the small screen discovered some details of the event, which will be for 300 guests, and will take place outdoors, surrounded by nature, with the possibility of a glass hall for the party. All will test covid-19 when they arrive at the venue and the bash will feature a concert by singer Xande de Pilares and drums from Unidos do Salgueiro, a samba school that the bride has been queen of since 2008.

The location chosen for the wedding is located between the mountains of the Pedra Branca Massif, the largest urban forest in the country, and has five spaces for events, all surrounded by greenery, gardens and a lake in the 330,000 m2 of total area, where 70% is of Preserved Atlantic Forest, air-conditioned mezzanine and panoramic views of the gardens.

The bride will wear a dress by designer Lucas Anderi, from the Wedding Factory program, who recently signed a collection of wedding dresses inspired by the Disney princesses. Last Friday (27), Viviane made the last test of her dress, makeup and hair for the big day.

Antônio Maciel, will be responsible for the wedding cake. In commemoration of the civil ceremony, he made the cake with the flavor of Sicilian lemon, Brazil nuts and dulce de leche. For the new celebration, the bride and groom tasted Red Velvet and white cake with apricot jam and dulce de leche. The party will also feature many suppliers of sweets, wine, open bar, craft beer and more. Much of the services were negotiated in exchange form and the famous bride has already disclosed several on her social networks.

For now, the ceremonialist and decorators make a mystery about the decoration and colors chosen by the groom. The team meets this Monday (30) to adjust the final details of the event. In the wedding gift list, the couple asked for products with different prices, ranging from R$ 39.99 (face towel), R$ 59 (set of glasses) to R$ 1299 (blender) to R$ 5 thousand ( washer and dryer). Among the items already purchased by guests to present to the bride and groom are a pot rest (R$ 27.99), a set of pots for cooking eggs (R$ 54.99) and a popcorn maker (R$ 139.99).

Viviane Araújo already got married in civil in May

Viviane Araújo and Guilherme Militão got married civilly in May at a registry office in Barra da Tijuca, west of Rio. At the time, the couple only received the family at home, for a toast with champagne and cake.