Want to eat better? Treating your body with care is the first step – 08/30/2021

Body dissatisfaction has been increasingly common in today’s society due to the pressure to achieve an “ideal” image.

This body, however, is literally in the world of ideas, as it is encouraged in a model created by unreal images, like the ones we see on social networks. It is precisely for this reason that the expression cult of the body becomes incorrect: because what is currently lived is an image cult influenced by other people’s bodies.

The search makes people dissatisfied with their bodies use extreme methods such as restrictive diets, excessive physical exercise, laxatives and abuse of slimming drugs. These practices tend to generate a relationship of hatred and non-acceptance of one’s own body, often bringing a feeling of disgust.

Note, then, that the relationship with food and exercise often has a direct bearing on how you see yourself and how you treat your body. A study carried out among women showed that those who enjoyed their bodies regardless of what others thought had a positive and calmer relationship about their own food choices.

The practice used in the study is known as “intuitive eating”. It is about having a connection with your own body, knowing how to respect the physiological signs of hunger, satiety and desire to eat. It is worth remembering that for this it is necessary to learn to make one’s own food choices, be self-aware and truly understand how physiological hunger differs from emotional hunger. Therefore, intuitive eating is not just about eating high-calorie foods, nor is it about using a crystal ball to know what to eat. This understanding is built over time, often with the help of a nutritionist and psychologist.

The fact is that regardless of eating intuitively or following a prescription, for many people food choices are guided by the way people see their body. That’s why accepting your own image is very important in this process — it doesn’t mean settling for overweight or compromised health, but it involves ending the war with yourself, knowing that you can be part of this world regardless of the social prejudice surrounding your size and body shape.

Accepting yourself and treating yourself with more affection is a big step towards establishing a good relationship with food. Even if losing weight is necessary to be healthy, it is important that this weight loss occurs without the pressure of reaching an unattainable body standard and, therefore, it is important to be able to look inward with more compassion and thus your food choices become more consistent with the Your health.