Web does not forgive and rescues video by Eduardo Bolsonaro criticizing gas prices

Eduardo Bolsonaro in 2016. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

A 2016 video by federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP) is going viral on the internet and shows how his father’s government did harm to Brazil, pushing the price of fuel to R$ 7.


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Eduardo Bolsonaro out and about

Eduardo Bolsonaro in 2016. Photo: Reproduction/YouTube

This happens because the congressman appears at a post in the United States protesting alongside a woman against the price of a liter of gasoline in Brazil, which at the time was around R$2.50. Currently, a liter of fuel is around R$7 in some Brazilian states such as Rio Grande do Sul and Acre.

“Now you are paying the price of (operation) Lava Jato, there of the corruption of the people who embezzled money from Petrobras,” said Eduardo – one of President Jair Bolsonaro’s (non-party) sons, in the video on his official channel. YouTube.

The price of regular gasoline has already exceeded R$ 7 in Rio Grande do Sul and reached R$ 6.99 a liter in Acre last week, according to a weekly survey by the National Agency for Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP). The average price practiced throughout the country, of R$ 5.866, rose 0.22% between August 8 and 14 (last available data) and accumulates an increase of 0.60% in the month. For experts, the dollar has a great influence on this behavior, but other factors also influence it.

Bolsonaro is bad for Brazil.