What are the worst food combinations for health? Nutritionist lists 5 villains

2- Gluten-refined vegetable oil

This is one of the worst culinary combinations, believe me, and is present precisely in the beloved party snacks. The most common effects are heartburn, burning and malaise, but it doesn’t stop there. “The sugar in wheat flour and some amino acids, when elevated at high temperatures, generate a compound called acrylamide. It is something carcinogenic, in other words: it increases the chance of developing cancer”, says Laita.

3- Alcohol and refined carbohydrates

Classic and irreplaceable combination for many people, joining wine and pasta can be complicated. “In a pasta dish there is gluten, which is an aggressor to the gastrointestinal system. Alcohol, in turn, irritates the gastrointestinal mucosa and, therefore, together, the two foods can cause harm”, he analyzes.

4- Chemical additives and refined sugar

The big issue with these foods, such as soda and gummy candy, are artificial preservatives added to dyes and refined sugar. “They have inflammatory potential in the body and this acts on the digestive and neurological part as well. In cases of anxiety and depression, for example, they can be an aggravating factor.”

5- Refined sugar and lactose

A very common combination for desserts, combining milk products with refined sugar requires balance. The nutritionist guarantees that sweets do not need to be excluded, but care is needed. “It does not mean that it is bad for everyone, but for the majority of the population, yes”, he observes. “Lactose is a type of sugar that attacks the lining of the stomach and intestine, causing discomfort. White sugar is inflammatory. When you put the two together, it empowers. the effects”