When the rerun of the soap opera Pega Pega ends in 2021

Originally, Claudia Souto’s serial was on the air for about 7 months, from June 2017 to January 2018. Back on the small screen, the soap opera won a rerun in July and is expected to be finished this year. Check out when Pega Pega ends in 2021.

When does Pega Pega end?

The rerun of the telenovela is expected to end in 2021, between the months of October and November. Everything will depend on TV Globo’s plans for the next attraction in the time slot, Quem Mais Vida Melhor, which is still in the process of recording and suffered several postponements due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Pega Pega’s plot has suffered cuts from the network in this rerun and therefore will have less air time than the original version of the telenovela, which had 184 chapters in total and ran from June 6, 2018 to January 8, 2018 in small screens. In 2021, the serial debuted on July 19th and for the time being it will not go beyond the month of November, totaling a maximum of 4 months on the air.

However, there is still no confirmed exact date for the broadcast of the last chapter of the series starring Mateus Solano, Camila Queiroz and Marcelo Serrado. According to information from Patrícia Kogut’s column in O Globo in June, Quem Mais Vida Melhor is scheduled for November, however, it is not yet known whether the new telenovela will premiere in the first week of the month or later.

marcelo sawn in the novel
Special edition of the telenovela has not shown good audience numbers – Photo: TV Globo

What is the next 7 pm soap opera about?

By Mauro Wilson, the serial will show the story of people who died by mistake in a tragic accident. Because of this they will have another chance and come back to life, they are told that a mistake has been made, but that their return will not be simple.

In this second chance they will need to fulfill a task on Earth, and most importantly, this mission has an expiration date. Watch the TV Globo call with scenes from the production that will air after Pega Pega finishes:

Initially, the telenovela was going to be called A Morte Poder Esperar, but due to the situation that the world began to face with the covid-19 pandemic, the direction of the serial decided to change the title of the work.

The more life the better the cast

The serial that will take place at seven o’clock when the soap opera Pega Pega ends will be starring Vladimir Brichta, Giovanna Antonelli, Mateus Solano and Valentina Herszage. Coincidentally, Solano and Herszage played father and daughter in Pega Pega.

Also in the cast will be Agnes Brichta, Ana Hikari, Zezeh Barbosa – who replaces Claudia Jimenez – Marcos Caruso – also from Pega Pega – Diego Francisco, Bruno Cabrerizo, Camila Rocha, Fabrício Assis, Karine Bohme, Marcelo Flores and Elizabeth Savala.

The More Life The Better Premiere
Protagonists of Quem Mais Vida Melhor appeared in the first cast photo Photo: Instagram