Who died in Episode 3 of Season 11 of The Walking Dead?

Your favorite character came out of episode 3, “Hunted“, from the 11th season of The Walking Dead, with life? Check out the body count here!

This week’s episode showed just how dangerous the Reapers are. They attacked the group overnight leaving a trail of death and injuries. Survivors who didn’t die on the spot end up not resisting the next day.

While maggie and Negan try to continue with the mission to go to Meridian, the Alexandrians continue trying to recover the community and looking for ways to get food for the population. Carol, Kelly, Rosita and Magna are outside the walls in search of some hope.

So, not everyone made it out of “Hunted” alive. So we’ve listed below all the characters who died in this week’s episode.

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Here’s who died in Episode 3 of The Walking Dead:

– Paste
– Duncan
– Some horses
– Religious reaper
– Agatha
– Carol’s Horse

The Reapers are introduced with total brutality and agility. Among the victims of the villains, we have Cole who, in the previous episode, suffered an injury to his leg and in this one had his throat cut while trying to escape.

We only discover the damage that was done by the Reapers throughout the episode, when it is revealed how are the survivors who managed to escape. Duncan was seriously injured during the battle and ended up dying some time later. To prevent a zombie reanimation, Maggie sticks her knife in her friend’s head.

Carol, Kelly, Rosita and Magna are outside the walls to try to find horses so they can explore more distant places in search of supplies for Alexandria. At first, the mission ends up failing when the horses flee and later they find them dead.

Returning to the Reaper Forest, Gabriel encounters and chases a wounded Reaper. The enemy ends up asking Gabriel several times to pray for him, but there is no forgiveness for our priest and he ends up sticking a knife in the reaper’s head.

Maggie, Negan, Alden and Agatha make their way to Meridian and try to outwit the Reapers inside the forest. However, the problem turns out to be another: they end up bumping into a horde of zombies! Even having survived the battle the night before, Agatha ends up getting bitten on the arm and is totally devoured by countless zombies.

On their way back to Alexandria, Carol, Kelly, Rosita and Magna end up finding four horses and taking them to the community. Unfortunately, one of them had to be sacrificed by Peletier to feed the Alexandrians. Horses in The Walking Dead don’t have a minute of peace!