Why doesn’t Luiz Adriano play for Palmeiras anymore? Abel Ferreira explained and projected

Luiz Adriano completed three games without joining the starting lineup. On the bench, the player saw Palmeiras beat Athletico by 2-1 and followed the entries of Breno Lopes and Deyverson.

But after all: what happens? At the post-game press conference, Abel Ferreira revealed that the player has been suffering from physical problems.

“He is working well to get back into top shape. He had some physical problems, against São Paulo he played half an hour, two days later he couldn’t go to Atlético-MG. Then he came back again, he was available against São Paulo. He’s working to get back to his best form and this season he’s still going to help us. As one of the captains, he knows that it matters when he plays and when he doesn’t,” he said.

After recovering from an edema in his knee, Luiz Adriano was available and entered the first leg of the quarterfinals against São Paulo. He suffered another blow on the spot and had to resume care at the Health and Performance Center.

+ Why does Luiz Adriano no longer play for Palmeiras? Abel Ferreira explained and projected

“We all work for the same goal. Today (Saturday) it wasn’t up to him to join the game to help us, but he worked, he had a problem on Monday, then we took a break on Tuesday and he recovered, he had a beautiful week of work. Today we chose Deyverson, but I believe (Luiz Adriano) will still help us this season,” added Abel Ferreira.

Luiz received polls from Grêmio and Internacional, but Palmeiras played a tough game and held the athlete at the Soccer Academy. He has already completed seven games in the Brasileirão and can no longer defend any other team in this edition.

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