Willian’s father maintains confidence, but does not believe the player will return to Corinthians: “There’s plenty of proposal”

Corinthians expects to announce the hiring of Willian this Monday, the last day of the international transfer window in Brazil.

The contract termination with Arsenal is the last pending, and should happen in the next hours, in London. The English capital is four hours ahead of Brasília time.

The atmosphere in Parque São Jorge is very anxious. The club intends to make everything official as soon as Willian is released by the gunners.

But, in an interview with Round table, at Gazette TV, Severino da Silva, the player’s father, despite being confident, warned that there is still the possibility of Willian’s return to Timão melar.

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“Honestly, it still exists. Why? Because he hasn’t signed with Corinthians yet. Tomorrow he will make a termination, he has a lot of proposal. But, I don’t think he will go (to another club), my opinion, as a father, I I do not think so”.

“I would very much like to tell everyone, ‘Okay, calm down, he’ll come.’

During Sunday, an English newspaper even published that Milan would make an offer of 7 million euros to take Willian. The information was denied by Severino.

“Milan, no. The big problem was the termination with Arsenal, and that, at least tomorrow, signs the termination. And Milan, I learned today through the press, that they are trying to get through, but it’s just speculation. Today, from Milan , just a speculation”.

“Corinthians has an effective proposal for Willian. Willian had others too, which wasn’t Milan, and he was studying, but the most important thing is… It wouldn’t do to study these proposals if the agreement with Arsenal didn’t materialize.”

“It’s difficult to beat the hammer on something that he didn’t sign. Are you coming to Corinthians? 99% yes. But that 1% can sometimes complicate matters. But I would say that the team and him being happy are the reasons why main”.

Partner of Corinthians and the biggest enthusiast of signing, Severino da Silva said that Willian would not play for another Brazilian club, and minimized the financial issue.

“Playing for Corinthians is priceless, man. Happiness is always greater. Of course he’s a professional, he has a salary to receive, but if it weren’t for Corinthians, he wouldn’t come back.”

“Hey I read an article that said ‘Willian loses 143 million and surprises the British’. I would say: then it’s a number game, because sometimes you lose there, but there you spend well too, because the cost of living it’s high. It’s important to be happy. Because if it were for the money, we’d stay at Shakhtar, because the president there loved him and would pay him whatever he wanted.”

Severino also confirmed that Corinthians’ proposal is for a contract valid until December 2023.

“From what he takes care of, for him to end his career at Corinthians, he’ll have to renew it again, because he goes a little further,” he said, laughing.

About the expectation over the number 10 shirt, currently without an owner in Corinthians, Willian’s father did not hide the desire.

“I honestly don’t know if it’s going to be the 10. But if it’s the 10… There was a time when the 10 was vacant at Shakhtar, and we demanded that he use the 10. The 10 is a reference. reference players use a 10. We’re not better than anyone else, but it can give a 10 that we’ll match.”

To talk about Willian’s failure at Arsenal, Severino avoided criticizing the team’s coach, but nudged the English squad.

“Arteta is a new coach, he was an assistant at Guardiola and took a project from Arsenal, it’s just starting. Suddenly, he has his methodology, and he can get it right. But at Arsenal he still hasn’t got it right. But, Arsenal, traditionally , he only won with (coach) Wenger and when he had a great team. I don’t know if some Arsenal players are getting blood.”

THE Sports Gazette found that Willian should arrive in São Paulo on Tuesday. Corinthians intends to present the reinforcement during the live that the club will do on Wednesday, at Neo Química Arena, on the day of the club’s 111th anniversary.

To play for Timão, the 33-year-old player accepted to receive a salary around 70% lower than what he has guaranteed with Arsenal.

According to the English press, Willian received 100,000 pounds a week, which is equivalent to approximately R$ 3 million per month. He still had two more years of contract with Arsenal, but decided to give up.

Willian is formed by the Corinthians youth categories and is an open fan of the club. For alvinegro, he played 41 games and scored two goals, until being sold to Shakhtar Donetsk, from Ukraine, in 2007, for the value of 19 million dollars, about R$ 38 million at the time.

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