With Brazil as the biggest supplier, transfers moved R$ 297 billion in 10 years | international football

The transfer market of football players moved US$ 48.5 billion (R$ 297 billion) between 2011 and 2020, according to a FIFA report published on Monday. According to data analyzed in the period between 2011 and 2020, the transfer market experienced a steady growth until 2019, before the start of the covid-19 pandemic, which interrupted the cycle.

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All data comes from the TMS (Transfer Matching System), launched in October 2010 by FIFA. Of the US$ 2.85 billion in the first year of TMS (2011), the amount reached US$ 7.35 billion in 2019, with a 23% reduction in 2020 due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

Neymar remains the most expensive reinforcement in the world — Photo: PSG official website

The report indicates that the 30 clubs that made the most transfers (buy and sell) are all European. Among them, 12 are from England, five from Spain, another five from Italy, three from Germany, two from France, two from Portugal and one from Russia. The transfer expenses of these 30 clubs represent 47% of the world total in the period analyzed.

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The club that invested the most in the acquisition of players in the decade studied is Manchester City (the report does not show the figures used), followed by Chelsea, Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain. The biggest contract in the period was Neymar, bought by PSG for 222 million euros, in 2017.

Outside Europe, there are dominant clubs on every continent. Flamengo is the team that spent the most in the period in South America – followed by Atlético-MG and Boca Juniors. In Asia, the lead is Guangzhou Evergrande, from China; and in Africa, from the Pyramids, from Egypt. Mexican Tigers is the leader of this ranking in North America.

Still, the Flamengo appears as the 21st club with the most positive balance between sales and purchases, with 87 exit negotiations and 54 signings, staying behind other Brazilians like São Paulo (7th) and Santos (20th). The leaders of this list are the Portuguese Sporting, Benfica and Porto.

Regarding the origin of the players, the Brazil remains the country that provides the largest number of players in the world, with 15,128 transfers in the period, ahead of Argentina (7,444), the United Kingdom (5,523) and France (5,207). In total value, Brazilians are also the ones who move the most money, just over US$ 7 billion dollars.

The English Premier League is the league that spent the most, with $12.4 billion in purchases over the 10-year period analyzed. Next comes La Liga, from Spain, with US$ 6.7 billion, and the Italian Serie A, with US$ 5.6 billion.

FIFA demonstrates in the report a concern with the reduction in payment to player-forming clubs after a transfer. In 2019, this value was $63.4 million, falling 40% in 2020, to $38.5 million in 2020.