With goals from Andrey and Caio Lopes, Vasco beat Ponte Preta and won again after three games in Serie B

The afternoon his new uniform, the Vasco they beat Ponte Preta by 2-0 and won again in Serie B after three games. Midfielders Andrey and Caio Lopes scored the goals of the triumph Cruz-Maltino, which now has 31 points and occupies 10th place, four points behind the G4. Macaca is in 15th position, with 22, just one ahead of Londrina, the first team of the Z4.

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Vasco’s next appointment in Serie B will be on Friday, at 7 pm, against Brasil de Pelotas, also in Colina Histórica. On the same day and time, Ponte Preta, in turn, faces Sampaio Corrêa, at Moisés Lucarelli. Both matches are valid for the twenty-second round, the third of the Series B return.

Inside São Januário, Vasco started the match by commanding the actions and trying to impose his game rhythm. In the first chance, Andrey received it on the right and made the cross for Léo Matos to head over Ivan’s goal. At another time, Caio Lopes, the novelty of the Cruz-Maltina squad kicked from outside the area and scared the goal of Macaca.

Ponte Preta managed to balance the game and take more risks in the attack, bringing danger to Vanderlei’s goal. Moses received it on the left and dropped the bomb, forcing the cross-Maltino archer to make a great defense. However, Gigante da Colina retaliated a few minutes later with a move by Marquinhos Gabriel from the left, who crossed just enough for Léo Jabá to finish first and Ivan save.

In a frank game, Macaca returned to scare the vascaíno goal. This time, Marcos Júnior received a shot, in measure, and tried to cover the goalkeeper with a touch of his left leg, but the ball passed close to Vanderlei’s crossbar.

Léo Jabá found Cano, who gave Marquinhos Gabriel a nice pass. The midfielder crossed at the head of Andrey. The steering wheel headed alone and put the Hill Giant in front. Even after opening the scoreboard, the Cariocas pressed for the second goal. After a corner, the ball fell to Miranda. The defender kicked pressed and goalkeeper Ivan saved for the Campinas team.

At the end of the first half, Macaca still forced goalkeeper Vanderlei to remove the danger. André Luiz kicked from outside the area and the goalkeeper from Vasco made the save. In the end, the São Paulo team explored aerial plays, but the defenders of the Cruz de Malta team managed to avoid the draw.

On the way back from the break, Vasco pressed to expand the score and Gabriel Pec made a table on the right and hit a strong kick in the middle of the goal for Ivan to palm. São Paulo once again bothered Vanderlei, again with Moisés, with a foul in the middle. At 19, Caio Lopes received a good pass from Léo Matos and hit a bomb from outside the area to shake the net. A slight deflection took away any chance of the Ponte’s goalkeeper to make the save.

Ponte Preta tried to reduce the score with long-distance shots, but Vasco managed to manage the result. Vini Locatelli tried to take advantage of the rebound and dropped the bomb from outside the area to again Vanderlei palm safely. In the end, André Luiz hit the ball and tried the angle, but the ball went out.


Date/Time: 8/29/2021, at 4 pm
Local: São Januário, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Heber Roberto Lopes (SC)
Assistants: Alex dos Santos (SC) and Henrique Neu Ribeiro (SC)
Video Arbitrator: Jean Pierre Goncalves Lima (RS)
Yellow Cards: Leandro Castan (VAS) / Cleylton (PON)
Red Cards: none

Goals: Andrey (VAS) (18’/1T) / Caio Lopes (VAS) (19’/2T)

VASCO (Technician: Lisca)
Vanderlei, Léo Matos, Miranda, Leandro Castan and Zeca; Andrey, Caio Lopes and Marquinhos Gabriel (Matías Galarza 28’/2T); Léo Jabá (Figueiredo 28’/2T), Gabriel Pec (João Pedro 48’/2T) and Cano (Daniel Amorim 41’/2T).

PONTE PRETA (Technician: Gilson Kleina)
Ivan, Felipe Albuquerque (Kevin 15’/2T), Cleylton, Thiago Lopes and Rafael Santos; André Luiz, Marcos Júnior (Vini Locatelli 30’/2T) and Fessin (Lucas Cândido 30’/2T); Niltinho (Iago 15’/2T), Moisés and Rodrigão (João Veras 36’/2T).