With less than a year of existence, PIX is the 2nd most used payment method in cash accounts, says CNLD | PIX

According to the survey, the payment methods most used by Brazilians are cash (71%), PIX (70%), debit card (66%) and credit card (57%).

Most used payment methods — Photo: Economy G1

According to the entity, the preference for PIX is justified by 83% of users due to its speed and practicality, followed by avoiding or minimizing physical contact with machines and/or people (34%).

“The number of users who have already made at least one transaction per PIX is close to 80 million – it is worth remembering that this novelty has not yet completed a year of operation”, pointed out in a note the president of CNDL, José César da Costa.

Physical stores and online shopping

In purchases in physical stores, however, the PIX is not among the top of the list among the most used payment methods. The ranking is headed by debit card (32%), followed by credit card (30%), and cash (25%) are the most used means.

The credit card is preferred for online purchase payments (52%). Money is the most used means to pay consumer bills (32%).

Understand how to send and receive money through Pix

Understand how to send and receive money through Pix

PIX for transfers and payments

Among respondents, the most cited type of payment via PIX is the transfer of balances to friends and relatives: 88% cited this purpose.

Also noteworthy are the payment of services (40%); internet shopping (26%); food purchases (18%); restaurants (17%) and medical consultations (12%).

The survey interviewed 800 Internet users residing in Brazilian capitals, aged 18 years or over, between June 30th and July 7th.