Workers unions say that Skaf’s manifesto distributes blame between Powers – 08/29/2021 – Panel SA

Union centrals say that workers unions were approached to sign the Fiesp manifesto in defense of harmony between the Powers, but they found that the text’s content lacks firmness, and decided to write another document separately, on behalf of the workers.

As anticipated by the Panel SA on Friday (27), Paulo Skaf, president of Fiesp sent messages to entities and associations saying that “more than ever, the moment demands closer cooperation between the Legislative, Executive and Judiciary and actions to overcome the pandemic and consolidate economic growth and job creation”.

The manifest of the trade union centrals and unions should come out in the next few days, according to João Carlos Gonçalves, Juruna, general secretary of Força Sindical.

The unions’ assessment is that Skaf’s position distributes the blame between the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary Powers, when it should make the most direct criticism of Bolsonaro’s disruptive role.

“It was necessary to be more incisive and say where the knot of things is. In our opinion, the knot that harms the economy and political and economic development is the way Bolsonaro conducts things”, says Juruna.

If, on the one hand, workers considered Paulo Skaf’s text light (who is seen as one of the representatives of the private sector closest to the president), on the other, the government interpreted the document as a criticism, especially at the moment in that there are other manifestations against the Bolsonaro administration in the business sector.

Caixa Econômica and Banco do Brasil threatened to leave Febraban, the federation of banks, if the entity signed the document.

with Mariana Grazini and Andressa Motter

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