xiu, it’s time to be silent!

Find out how the new phase can be beneficial to end cycles - Shutterstock.

Find out how the new phase can be beneficial to end cycles – Shutterstock.

Photo: João Bidu

At dawn on the 30th of August, at 4:13 am, the Moon will enter its waning phase, in the sign of Gemini. The waning moon brings energies of recollection. It’s time to look at yourself and realize what were the mistakes and successes of the last weeks, of the last cycle. It’s time for self-analysis.

Since Gemini is the sign that deals with ideas and communication, this Wailing Moon asks for silence, the gathering of communication as well. It is necessary to silence the speech to silence the mind.

Here we have a wonderful opportunity to let go of ideas and thoughts that are no longer good for us, that no longer have a connection with what we are building.

The waning moon happens in a very positive aspect with Saturn in Aquarius, indicating that we will also have the opportunity to evaluate the information that comes to us through other people, in order to realize how much this information is favoring our projects, or not .

This aspect of the Moon with Saturn, added to the fact that the Moon is in conjunction with Lilith and the North Node, also brings the possibility of self-assessment, so that we can understand if, in the way we are communicating, there is concern for the other and if also we are being truthful about what we communicate.

To make better use of the energies of the waning moon in Gemini, here’s a tip for a special bath.

You will need:

  • 3 rocks of coarse salt
  • 1 sprig of rosemary
  • 1 sprig of basil

How to make:

  • In a container, place two fingers of water and the rosemary and basil leaves.
  • Keep macerating the leaves by hand, until they dissolve in the water.
  • Place the 3 rock salt stones.
  • After the normal bath, mix the herbal water with the shower water and do the bath from the neck down, asking for this cycle to end in the best way so that you can be refreshed and aware for the next cycle.

Text: Lucia Agostinho, astrologer