10 Spider-Man Fun Facts by Andrew Garfield

Since the release of the trailer for Spider-Man: No Return Home, the internet only talks about one thing: Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. And that’s because the two actors, interpreters of Spider-Man in theaters before Tom Holland, didn’t even appear in the trailer – but let’s face it, their appearances in the film are almost guaranteed.

Getting into the mood, I recently made a video here on the channel about 10 facts about Spider-Man by Tobey Maguire, which is by far the most talked about name by the crowd. But as many of you asked, I decided to also bring a similar video about Andrew Garfield, who, particularly, despite having a lot of reservations about decisions made by Sony in his two films, is a Peter Parker that I have a lot of affection for.

10 – Declaration at Comic-Con


By being cast as Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield starred in an epic moment in San Diego Comic-Con, which is remembered to this day by fans. The actor came up with a cheap hero costume, as if he were a fan at the microphone to ask questions. Upon revealing himself, however, Garfield read a beautiful declaration of love and gratitude to the character.

Among other things, the British star said Peter Parker gave him hope as a child, taught him to be brave and “saved his life.” You can tell that Garfield was visibly moved and that the webhead really was very important to him. A fan like each one of us.

9 – Josh Hutcherson

When the news came that Tobey Maguire was no longer Spider-Man and that a new actor would be cast in the role, several names came up. Some of the candidates highlighted by the tabloids were completely unbelievable, but others were serious competitors.

Josh Hutcherson, the Peeta of Hunger Games, was an actor who really wanted the role. His name was constantly mentioned in the press, and it turns out that it really came between him and Andrew Garfield, until Garfield ended up getting the better of him.

However, Hutcherson’s audition tape made it to the internet later. It sounds a bit over the top and draws heavily on Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker influence, but it’s interesting to see how dedicated the actor was really to getting this role.

8 – Ultimate Spider-Man

O reboot Spider-Man happened just 5 years after Sam Raimi’s last movie, whose trilogy was still very fresh in people’s minds. So, Sony needed inspiration that would make the film different and that would justify a new Spider.

So, unlike the Raimi trilogy, which was mainly inspired by the classic comics by Stan Lee and John Romita, the production of The spectacular Spider Man decided to be inspired by the comics of Ultimate Spiderman, by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. Some of the most striking elements used are: the spider that bites Peter Parker as part of an OsCorp experiment and Spider-Man’s fight with a villain inside his own school. The comic also brings Peter interested in finding out what really happened to his parents and what work they were doing, but that doesn’t have as much prominence as it did in the movie.

7 – Web Launchers

Sony doesn’t always have the best record in terms of Spider-Man decisions, so it was surprising to learn that the studio actually called in an expert, Brian Michael Bendis, the author of Ultimate Spiderman, to help with a subject related to the web head.

Bendis was called into the office of Sony President Amy Pascal, where several producers, writers and directors were located, and received only one question: “Organic or Mechanical Web Launchers?”

Bendis replied “Mechanics” and revealed that half the people at the table were frustrated. They were angry that Bendis was clearly the deciding vote, though even he didn’t know it. So, unlike the Sam Raimi trilogy, we had Peter Parker creating his mechanical launchers, just like in the comics.

6 – The Spider’s Costume

One of the most complicated things to adapt in a Spider-Man movie is the character’s costume, after all, in the comics it is sewn by Peter Parker himself. There are a couple of ways to deal with this: either you make the costume just come out ready and don’t ask too many questions about it, as in the case of Tobey Maguire, or make Tony Stark create a tech costume, as with the Spider of Tom Holland.

But in The spectacular Spider Man, the costume was a real concern. The costume from the first movie was designed to look like something a boy from Queens could make himself, using materials he could easily purchase online (the mask’s lenses, for example, were made with sunglasses). In the second film, however, director Mark Webb wanted to get a little closer to the comics, making the blues darker and the mask’s eyes white and big. Costume Designer Deborah L. Scott – who created the iconic look for Marty McFly in Back to the future and made the costumes of Titanic – gave life to this version of the costume.

5 – Mary Jane

Mary Jane Watson was cast and had scenes recorded for The Spectacular Spider-Man 2. Actress Shailene Woodley played MJ, but her scenes were eventually removed from the final edit. In retrospect, it was probably a good idea to remove Mary Jane from the movie. After Peter loses Gwen, there’s no need to prepare his next novel so quickly.

Also, there were already a lot of characters in the movie. Someone like Mary Jane deserves a proper bow and therefore it shouldn’t be just one easter-egg or teaser of something that could still happen in the future.

4 – Aunt May hated the movie

the oscarizada Sally Field, who played Aunt May, didn’t mince words when talking about what he thought of working in the films of the Amazing Spider Man.

In an interview with Howard Stern, Field revealed that he only took on the role of Aunt May because of her close friendship with late producer Laura Ziskin, who was battling breast cancer at the time. It was a personal request, and everyone knew this would be Ziskin’s last film.

Sally Field also revealed that she wasn’t dedicated to the role, because she doesn’t like superhero movies and thinks the characters are one-dimensional.

3 – Next villains?

One of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the movies of the Amazing Spider Man he was the mysterious man in the shadows, portrayed by Michael Massee.

He seemed to be riding the Sinister Sextet, and in one of the scenes where he appears, we can see the Vulture’s wings and Doctor Octopus’ tentacles. This would basically make all Spider-Man villains have their origins in OsCorp (as well as Spider-Man himself) – an idea that fans didn’t really like.

2 -Sextet Sinister

And that brings us to the infamous movie of the sinister sextet, which for years Sony has been completely obsessed with making. The director would be Drew Goddard, who wanted to make a film that would refer to feature films like The Condemned Twelve and My Hate Will Be Your Heritage, where, although the characters are villains, viewers can still root for them.

Several email exchanges Sony had with Goddard revealed great details about his plans for the film and apparently it would be pretty crazy. A large part of the story would have taken place in the Wild land, a hidden tropical region created by aliens in Antarctica.

The team of villains would be fighting dinosaurs, and the main villain would likely be Gog, an alien who crashed there. Oh, and despite being a movie with six big enemies of Spider-Man, the arachnid hero himself wouldn’t appear. Does anyone think this would work?

1 -Spider-Gwen

the fate of Gwen Stacy is well known to comic book fans, and his potential demise in The Spectacular Spider-Man 2 was expected. Although the film had a lot of problems, the relationship between Peter and Gwen wasn’t one of them, so their final death brought a very emotional moment (except for the web hand, no one likes the web hand).

However, it seems that a large part of The Spectacular Spider-Man 3 it would involve Peter Parker figuring out a formula that could bring people back to life, then he would use it to bring Gwen back.

This formula would be made from Peter’s blood, and therefore would give Gwen spider powers as well, leading her to become the Spider Woman, which in the comic book is a version of Gwen in an alternate universe where she was bitten by the spider, not Peter. Yeah, we would see the Spider-Gwen in theaters long before its debut in the animated film Spider-Man on the Spiderverse.