2021 Emergency Aid: Dataprev releases the portal for consultations

Beneficiaries of the emergency aid they can now check if they are on the payroll for the next installment of the program. Dataprev has already released its portal so that citizens served by the aid can verify their eligibility.

How to consult?

To perform the procedure, it is necessary to access the portal and inform the CPF number, full name, date of birth and the mother’s full name. Then, just click on ‘I’m not a robot’ and confirm the analysis.

Once this is done, wait for the system to load and check the Federal Government newsletter. There are two options, either the data is still on the platform or has been deleted. If they are still in the system, it means that they are still eligible for the program, otherwise the benefit has been suspended.

My benefit was cancelled, now what?

Those who were denied the benefit, may file a challenge until July 3rd. The procedure requests a new review of the data to ensure the maintenance of the aid. Anyone who misses the deadline to apply will have to wait for a new period of analysis.

The Federal Government carries out a monthly fine-combing of the beneficiaries’ data, which are analyzed by Dataprev in order to identify any inconsistencies or irregularities in the payment of the benefit.

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So far, there is no information about a new period for the challenges.

What is the value of emergency aid?

This year, the Citizenship team is granting the benefit with varying amounts, according to the family composition. In this way, families can receive from R$150 to R$375. Check it out:

  • People who live alone receive R$150;
  • Families with more than one person receive R$250;
  • Families headed by single mothers receive R$375.

Who cannot receive payment?

  • Beneficiary of the aid that was contracted with a formal contract;
  • Citizens who started to receive unemployment insurance, social security benefits or assistance from the Federal Government;
  • Death of the beneficiary;
  • Who now receives any pension;
  • Recipient’s arrest; and
  • Military or middle class applicants.

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