40 explosives are found after a series of attacks on banks

The morning after the attacks on three banks in Araçatuba (SP), the movement of residents in the city is still small. This is because the central area of ​​the municipality, where the agencies targeted by the gang are located, remains closed by the Military Police and the Municipal Guard, due to explosives left by the assailants, who were carrying heavy weapons.

According to the Secretariat of Public Security of the State of São Paulo, 40 explosives have been found so far. Of these, 16 were disarmed by the police until this morning. In total, there are about 100 kg of materials that could have been detonated by the gang.

Police from the Special Tactical Actions Group (Gate) are still in the city in the interior of the state of São Paulo and soon made a sweep of Rui Barbosa Square and the nearby streets in an attempt to locate artifacts left by the bandits.

The disarming is being done this morning at the municipal landfill. The location was chosen because it is far from the city and does not pose a risk to any resident.

After all the artifacts are detonated, a new inspection will be made at the bank branches targeted by the gang. The streets around the agencies and places such as dumps and manholes will also be inspected again.

Because of the possibility that there is still some explosive that has not been found, municipal and state classes were suspended this morning. They must be resumed in the afternoon.

Attack on Araçatuba

The population of Araçatuba lived moments and terror in the early morning hours of yesterday with a mega-robbery on three bank branches.

At least 20 heavily armed men invaded the municipality and during the action used at least ten residents as human shields.

Businessman Renato Bortolucci, 35, and physical education teacher Márcio Victor Possa da Silva, 34, died in the action. A suspected member of the gang also died.