After separation, Vitão surprises with a sincere statement about Luísa Sonza

After separation, Vitão surprises with a sincere statement about Luísa Sonza (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

vitão returned to pronounce on the end of his relationship with Luisa Sonza. In a recent interview with the newspaper Extra, he revealed that he still loves the singer despite the fact that they no longer form a couple.

“Luísa and I will be a family forever. I love her with all my strength. We’ll be together for everything, and that’s it”, declared the musician, who also spoke about the turmoil he went through in the relationship because of rumors that he would have contributed to the end of the blonde’s marriage to Whindersson Nunes:

“It was very difficult. Everyone can imagine, we’ve talked about it a lot. I don’t want to give any more details either. I think Luísa and I have much bigger things to talk about,” shot.

“We’re both at great moments in our careers, doing amazing things, making our contribution to Brazilian music. This is what needs to be guided”he said next.

During the chat, the artist also took stock of his relationship with Luísa Sonza. For him, the relationship made him evolve as a human being:

“Of course I evolved a lot with this relationship and learned about life. Now, the focus and conversation I want to have with people is with and about my art. It happened what had to happen at the right time”.

“We had been deciding for a while, there was no timetable. It also makes no sense to use the end of a relationship to talk about a song that addresses very different subjects”, finished.

Last week, Vitão opened his heart and spoke everything he thinks about the wave of hatred present in the virtual world.

A constant target of attacks, the singer, who recently ended his relationship with Sonza, said that offensive messages could lead the victim to a “toxic and dangerous path”.

“Because human being is this animal to be studied, which has a lot of hatred in its heart, the internet ends up being a no man’s land”, shot the musician, in an interview with MTVixe channel, on YouTube.

“Especially at this time of difficulty in our country, I think the attacks end up taking us down a toxic and dangerous path”, completed the famous.

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