Alok appears without an alliance and Romana Novais pronounces on the supposed separation

Alok and Romana Novais (Photo: Reproduction)

Once again the couple Romana Novais and Alok suffered from speculation about an alleged breakup. On social networks, the doctor decided to answer a question from a fan who asked if the two wear a wedding band. She explained that the DJ doesn’t wear the accessory, unlike her.

“He has this perm. My opinion is that each couple does what they want, often wearing a wedding ring doesn’t say anything, what matters is the responsibility and respect that each one carries in their hearts and attitudes”, said Romana, who published a photo of her husband’s hand, showing that he has a letter R tattooed in one of the fingers.

“I didn’t have a choice”

Daughter of the couple, Raika was born in early December last year in a premature birth. That’s because Romana Novais was diagnosed with the new coronavirus and some complications ended up bringing the delivery forward. in conversation with Thais Fersoza on YouTube, Romanda gave details about the difficult time the family lived.

“In Raika’s case, the delivery was normal because it needed to be. I found out I was with Covid-19 less than a week before she was born. I had symptoms. I had a fever, a lot of pain in the body and a headache. I had a lot of pain in my stomach, and it felt like a labor contraction. In my case, I triggered a thrombosis in the placenta, and that made the environment uncomfortable for Raika“.

Romana had no other option. “I didn’t have much choice, it had to be normal. If we opted for a cesarean at that time, maybe it would complicate the picture much more, mine and hers. As I had an infection, if we opted for the vaginal route, it could make the whole situation worse. Cesarea bleeds a little more, and I was already bleeding a lot. The important thing was for us to try to stop this bleeding as soon as possible, because I was already bleeding a lot before the birth”, she said.


At the time of Raika’s birth, Alok went to social media and unburdened himself. “I never imagined that my two children would be born in the same year. Yesterday my daughter Raika came into the world faster than we thought but thank God Romana and she are well and under the best medical care,” he said.

Finally, the DJ celebrated that everything worked out. “Given all that we are experiencing, we witness another miracle. All very intense, but nothing happens without Divine intervention. With faith in God, we will soon all be at home together”, he concluded.

Thiago Freitas

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