Anti-vaccine singer dies of Covid-19, but gives an interview before regret

We’ve been surviving a pandemic for over a year, but not everyone understood that you need to take care of yourself wearing mask, keeping social distance of course, getting vaccinated. Recently the singer Marcus Birks, of the duo The Chameleon, passed away from Covid-19. The artist was known for being anti-vaccine, but he regretted the position before he died.

Marcus Birks sang with his wife, Lis, in the duo The Chameleonz (Photo: Facebook)

To the 40 years old, Birks believed he was immune to the disease by playing sports five times a week. Although there is already research that proves that no one is immune to Covid-19 due to physical conditioning, the Briton didn’t really believe in this story.

However, when he was still in the hospital, Marcus Birks gave an interview to BBC and commented on his repentance. “If you didn’t get sick, you don’t think you’re going to get sick, so listen to me. When you feel like you can’t breathe enough, that’s the scariest feeling in the world,” he declared.


“I was kind of ignorant about it and put it off [minha vacina]. The first thing I will say to all my family and everyone I see is ‘take the shot’. And as soon as I get it, I’ll definitely do it”, he added. But unfortunately Marcus didn’t have that time.

the singer leaves his wife lis, who played in the The Chameleon, pregnant with her first child. In a statement, she commented on her husband’s death. Look:

My heart was completely ripped out and I don’t know how you can handle so much pain and hurt. Marcus was the most amazing man, caring, loving, loyal, selfless and proud and all he wanted to do was help as many people as he could. This, in itself, showed what a pure heart and soul he possessed. I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and support over the past few weeks. Marcus was really amazed at how many of you sent his regards to him.

Complicated, right? That’s why it’s very important to get vaccinated!

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