Antonela Avellaneda ends the marriage after controversy involving Pyong Lee – Famous

Antonela Avellaneda (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The model Antonela Avellaneda, participant of the reality Island Record, Record TV, announced this Monday (30/08), that her relationship with her husband and businessman Tati Fdez, it ended. The break was caused due to a series of controversies involving the model and Pyong Lee, who also separated from his wife, Sammy Lee.

As announced through social networks, the end did not occur due to his supposed involvement with the ex-bbb, but rather due to malicious messages and mistreatment on social networks, with various comments of hatred distilled by internet users. “People don’t know the damage caused by each comment, each aggression on social networks…”, affirmed Antonela.

Antonela gave an interview to Hugo Gloss, where he had said that everything was a strategy for the game in reality. The model said that her husband knew what she had planned, agreeing with what she would do on the show. According to the Argentine, even the partnerships and alliances within the competition were already defined before her entry into the attraction.

However, even before the debut of the program, polemics were already being created around the supposed couple, due to the teasers and commercial that appeared both together. In one of them, the famous were under the blanket, feeding rumors of an alleged infidelity.