Antonela Avellaneda’s marriage comes to an end, and she reveals the reason in unburdening: ‘My husband left me’

WL! After causing controversy for her involvement with Pyong Lee in “Ilha Record”, Antonela Avellaneda announced this Monday (30) that she ended her relationship. The Argentine revealed on August 18, exclusively to the, who was married to businessman Tati Fdez for three years. According to her, the marriage came to an end due to internet attacks.

People don’t know the damage caused by every comment, every aggression on social media. Unfortunately, my husband left me, not for the facts as it was just a misunderstanding, but for the mistreatment of all of you who make false profiles and have no limits, destroy people, generations of false moralistsshe wrote, apparently denying that the breakup had anything to do with her situation with Pyong.

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Since the beginning of the release of the reality “Ilha Record“, rumors that the illusionist Pyong Lee had betrayed his ex-wife, Sammy Lee, with his co-star Antonela, had been circulating on the web. The controversial scene, in which the model “got up” to the ex-BBB, was shown on August 16, and generated many negative comments against the participant.

However, on the 18th of the same month, Antonela Avellaneda had an exclusive chat with and denied any interest in the hypnotist. She also revealed that flirting was nothing more than a game strategy, developed by the participant with her, until then, husband.

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“I realized that my strategy could work better than the others, so for me it’s a game. Everything that happened on the reality show, regardless of the tests, the alliances, the votes, everything for me was part of a great strategy that I set up abroad, before joining the ‘Ilha Record'”, stated.

Also according to the Argentine, when she agreed to participate in the reality show, she received support from Tati, who helped her prepare for the dispute. “We combined the strategy. Every move, every word, we even combined what my alliances would be. I played for me! To earn the 500 thousand”, said. The model also reinforced that before entering the confinement, she did not know or had friendships with any of the other participants. “I went in to play and played!”, declared.

The negative repercussion of the scenes between her and Pyong, however, made Avellaneda decide to comment on the matter. “As I saw that everyone is wanting to do marketing, everyone is wanting to explode my image with the things they are saying, fake or not, everyone wanting a cookie in Antonela’s name, I decided to open the game”, vented. “And I wanted that to be very clear, because I don’t have a month-long relationship. I have been legally married for three years”, he stated.

Despite being unknown to the public, the beauty’s wedding was not that secret – that’s because, according to Antonela, Record TV itself already knew about Fdez. “I am married, yes, I have been married for three years and the people at the network know. (…) We had been called before the ‘Island’ for another couples reality show”, shared. In addition, the couple had a private Instagram account: @anto_y_tati_2021.

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Antonela and her husband had an Instagram profile just for the couple. (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram)
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When being questioned by the about the relationship, Antonela stated that she does not like to show details of her private life on social media, but insisted that they lead a happy life. “We have been together for three years, we have several companies and ventures together, we travel together, we live a beautiful and peaceful life”, she reinforced at the time. “Those who know us know our history, our trajectory, our alliance, our commitment. Because it’s one thing to talk and another thing to really have this person on your side, who trusts you, no matter what the situation. My husband trusts me and that’s the only thing that matters.” said the Argentine.

The Argentinian model said that flirting with Pyong Lee was nothing more than a hefty strategy for her and her husband. (Photo: Playback / Record TV)

Despite the network’s knowledge, Antonela pointed out that she chose to keep the mystery about her love life to the other participants of the reality show. The reason for this would be the lack of intimacy between them. “Program participants don’t know [sobre o casamento], because I don’t know them and I don’t open my life to anyone. They are not my friends, they were just part of the reality show that I participated in. And each one entered with their game strategy and I entered with mine”, stated.

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Still on the game made by her throughout the episodes, Antonela said she has no regrets. “It was a very smart game strategy, I think. And regardless of what is said, speak badly, speak well, but speak of me. This is what everyone says when it’s in the media, right? Then that’s it”, ended.